Rama Setu: conspiracy, hypocrisy

It is shocking that the Baalu Committee should indulge in hypocritical statements without sincerely reviewing over 8000 pages of submissions made on over 160 topics by many experts in geoenvironment, geotectonics, geothermal, security, navigation, oceanography, marine archaeology studies. The conspiracy of politico’s is matched by the hypocrisy of persons dubbed eminent. If this eminence, it is time to expose the lack of honesty and lack of professional ethic.


‘Conspiracy behind dredging of Ram Setu’
Wednesday March 5 2008 12:44 IST (New Indian Express)


SAMBALPUR: International general secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Praveen Togadia on Tuesday said there is larger conspiracy behind proposed dredging of Ram Setu.

He said 80 percent of the thorium deposit is at Ram Setu which has a capacity to generate 4 lakh MW of electricity for next 400 years.

Addressing the media after arriving here, he said once the dredging is over India will no longer be in the race for a super power and be bound to sign the nuclear deal.

He warned of a war if the government goes ahead with its plan of dredging Ram Setu. When the government has accepted that Archeological Survey of India (ASI) had made no study on the setu how could it deduce conclusion, he asked.

Accusing the UPA Government of maintaining double standards, Togadia said how can they be secular when they can earmark Rs 1000 crore for the Muslims, provide subsidy of Rs 22,000 for Haj and allow them to have more than one spouse.

Earlier, addressing a public meeting in front of the district collectorate, Togadia hit out at the UPA government and its allies for the affidavit on setu and was critical of them for ‘hurting’ Hindu sentiments. He accused them of pursuing a policy of appeasement for creating a vote bank.


Sethusamudram: Centre counters environmental concern in SC

New Delhi, March 02: Hit hard by the flip flop over the `Ram Setu` controversy, the Centre in its fresh affidavit before the Supreme Court has put more emphasis to counter the environmental concern for pushing the Sethusamudram Project.
The project has not only been opposed on grounds of religious sentiments attached to Ram Setu or Adams Bridge but concerns have been raised about the fragile ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar and susceptibility of the region to disaster in case of a tsunami.
Allaying these fears, the Centre said committee of eminent persons appointed by the Centre on October 5, 2007 looked into the apprehensions and after considering various reports, declared them as “unfounded”.
The affidavit said the committee put a stamp of approval on the reports that the Sethusamudram Project will reduce the tsunami wave energy since it is trending north-south direction.
“The committee has further concluded that the Sethusamudram Ship Channel will be helpful to the coastal communities by reducing the wave energy of future tsunamis originating from Sumatra (Indonesia) and Andaman and Nicobar regions,” the Centre said.
The affidavit said that the environmental monitoring carried out for the past 25 months at different locations have revealed that “there is no significant influence on physical, chemical and biological parameters due dredging in Palk Strait and Adams Bridge and that these investigations have indicated the normal productivity and bio-diversity in the area.” Further the alignment 6, i.e., Ram Setu passes 20 km away from the marine biosphere reserves border and that changes in post tsunami have also been studied by the project authorities.
Bureau Report



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