Setu: Sonia’s one point programme — destroy Hindu religion — Vedantam

VHP plans nationwide rallies on Sethu issue
Tuesday March 4 2008 10:27 IST

COIMBATORE: Coming down heavily on the Central Government move to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court on March 5 to vacate the stay to demolish Ramar Bridge, Ashok Singhal, president of Vishva Hindu Parishad, announced that the activists of Sri Rameswaram Ramsethu Raskha Manch (Rameswaram Ramsethu Protection Forum) and other Hindus would conduct massive motorcycle and scooter rallies all over the country from March 4 to 6.

Talking to journalists in the city on Monday, he said that while the agitation would take place in Tamil Nadu on March 5 to suit the state convenience, it has been planned in Coimbatore on March 6 on account of Koniamman Temple festival.

The remaining regions of the country would witness the protest rallies on March 4, he said.
Warning that the destruction of Ramar Bridge in any form would lead to war against the Hindus, he said that Sonia Gandhi’s one point programme is to destroy the Hindu religion.
He pointed out that though there are possibilities of avoiding the demolition of the bridge by choosing any of the six alignments already suggested, the union government and Minister for Shipping T.R.Baalu wanted this particular stretch to be cleared for the shipping channel project.

To a query, he said that the continued pressure from the USA forced the UPA government to implement the project hurting the feelings of Hindus.

Stating that the agitation is only for protecting Hindu feelings, Singhal said that it has nothing to do with the coming elections.

However, if the government fails to reconsider its decision to vacate the stay and destroy Ram Sethu, the agitation would affect the poll prospects of the Congress, he said.

S.Vedantam, General Secretary, Rameswaram Ramsethu Protection Forum, said that the strong movement for protection of Ram Sethu would continue till it is declared ‘a historic national heritage’.

He urged the government to refrain from getting the stay order vacated to respect the feelings of Hindus.

He said that the UPA government, which claims to be secular, brings changes to appease the minority communities, the Muslims and Christians.


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