Rama Setu: protest the scheming affidavit of Centre

Sri Rameswaram Ramsetu Raksha Manch (Sri Rameswaram Ramsetu Protection Forum), Sankat Mochan Ashram, Ramakrishna Puram-6, New Delhi 110022; Telefax 011-26103495, 26178992).

VHP/764/2008 Dated: March 03, 2008

Media statement of General Secretary of Sri Rameswaram Ramsetu Raksha Manch, Shri S. Vedantam and President of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Shri Ashok Singhal

The UPA government at the centre has decided to file an over smart and scheming affidavit with the Supreme Court of India that downright preempts the historicity of Ram. This insensitive and defeatist government stance is now all over the media. By this offensive and monstrous stand, the government has hurt the cultural sensibilities of crores of people of the country.

The government would remember, and it must not forget it, that a historic grand conference of 10 lakh people was held in Delhi on December 30, 2007 to register the demands for protection of Ram Setu and its declaration as a historic national heritage. Before that on September 10, 2007 when the Central Government in an affidavitto the Supreme Court had denied the existence of Ram and the Ramayana, the whole country responded with widespread and successful ‘Chakka Jam’ protests on September 12, 2007.

The Ram Setu Raksha Manch urges the entire Hindu society to take out motor-cycle and scooter rallies all over the country on March 04-05 (Tuesday and Wednesday), 2008 to express their opposition to the government decision to file affidavit in the Supreme Court on March 05, 2008 whereby it wants to get the stay order regarding Ram Setu vacated. The rallies should culminate in meetings to address the nationalist issue.

By averring these in an affidavit that there is no scientific proof of the existence of Ram Setu and that it is not man-made but a natural formation, the Government of India has again tried to reject the existence of Sri Ram. It has also conspired to trash various other historical evidences of lakhs of years that corroborate the truth of Ram Setu. Therefore, it is about time the people of the country put themselves on high gear to assert the historicity of Ram-Krishna and save their hoary and holistic beliefs, ethos and moorings.

This affidavit maintains a hush on the questions that the Hon’ble High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India had asked of the Government of India to expressly address in the affidavit pertaining to the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP) and the Rama Setu.

The Hon’ble Courts had asked –

  • Why was the Ramsetu-breaking alignment picked out when the Government had 6 suggested alignments to consider? Why were not the other alternative routes taken into account?
  • The Government had been asked and its attention drawn to show cause as to why not the Ramsetu be declared a National Heritage? Has the Government got the matter examined to declare it a National Heritage site?

The Central Government has not at all addressed these questions in the affidavit.

The Central Government had already given a show of its infected mindset and vested interests by forming an Eminent Persons Committee that included only its handpicked ‘Yes Persons’. Their anti-Ram and anti-Ramayan stance is now more pronounced by the report of the so-called Committee. There has been acute humiliation of the country and its scientists of standing by this line up of lies, as there are many so-called scientists/experts on this Committee who are pronouncedly anti-Ram and anti-Bharatiya culture.

Only recently the Government of India recommended many ‘Namghars’ (Places of Worship) situated on the ‘Majuli Island’ of River Brahmaputra to be declared as National Heritage centres. These institutions are about 350 years old. Also, when recently some people opposed and initiated a litigation to stop the ancient ‘Jalli-Kattu’ festival of Madurai region of Tamil Nadu (‘Jalli’ is ‘Bull’ and ‘kattu’ is ‘Catch/contain’ in Tamil. It is, therefore, the ‘Bull Overpowering’ festival by the agrarian society that depends upon ‘Bull Power’ for prosperity), in that matter the Government of Tamil Nadu approached the Supreme Court to save the celebrations from being stopped terming it as a subject of ‘faith’ (aasthaa) and tradition. The Supreme Court gave an order to the effect that aasthaa should be protected. But, in the case of Ram Setu, both these governments, under cover of so-called secularism, are opposed to recognizing it as a matter of ‘faith’ and, thus, being dishonest and playing with the cultural and civilizational sensibilities of the people of the country. Development can always be reconciled with such vital national sensibilities.

Today why is not the Ram Temple being constructed at Sri Ram Janma Bhumi and why is not the Ram Setu being recognized? The main reason is that the Government of India has a dirty mindset not to accept the historicity of Ram. In this way, by denying the existence of Ram, this secular gang is making efforts to diffuse the movement for construction of the Janmabhumi Temple. Its line is that there was no Ram, therefore, where is the question of Sriram Janma Bhumi, Ram Setru and the Ramayana?

They denied our Ram-Krishna, Vedas-Puranas and Sarasvati River and are now denying the Ram Setu – the empirical evidence of the times and exploits of Sri Ram – whereas Sri Ram is in fact a historical personage. After independence, the Government of India should have justifiably glorified the places that Sri Ram sojourned through during His exile days, and even today people celebrate hundreds of these places, but this government by denying the existence of Ram is bent upon destroying the existence of all these historic landmarks bearing the footprints of Ram that dot the North-South corridor. Now the Hindu society must be extremely vigilant.

In fact it would have been proper on the part of the Central Government that in line with the belief of Bharatiya culture it should have accepted the historicity of Ram and declared the Ram Setu as historic national heritage in the affidavit to the Supreme Court. Instead, it has committed a grave crime by doing gymnastics to re-assert its old stand of non-existence of Sri Ram with new jugglery of words.

The Government of India must refrain from getting the stay order vacated so long as the protection of Ram Setu is not ensured, as the impartiality of the Government is now under question in view of its behaviour with Hindus marked by crookedness and polluted mindset.

So long as the Ram Setu is not declared a historic national heritage, the strong movement for protection of Ram Setu would continue unabated. By utilizing their constitutional rights, the people of the country, would continue the movement for protection of Ram Setu and stop not till the goal is reached.

Released by Sri Rameswaram Ramsetu Raksha Manch

(NB Please circulate this Press statement after 11.30 AM on March 03, 2008 to all print and electronic media).


One Response to “Rama Setu: protest the scheming affidavit of Centre”


    I am giving my own reply for this.
    I am the Bhakta of Sriram & Hanuman.
    If any body tells there is no Ram.
    i am asking them following questions
    only rama is not there ? what for other avatharas ?
    we beliew Sriram is one avathara of Sri Maha Vishnu,
    rama, shiva, krishana, hanuman, Hindu Gods no body is there what ?
    In your home there is no photos of Hindu gods what ?

    see if hindus mind turned means…………. u people all were destroy and there is no space no one there to save you from shrirama bhaktas.

    please don’t take any thing which is hurt to hindhus.

    if you people touch the shriram setu i will heavy on you. I will destroy every body who going to in there mind to destroy sriram setu.

    I will finish whole the world if they are all against the Sriram Setu.

    Jai Jai Shriram
    Om Shrirama Rameti rame rame manorame sahasra nama tuttulyam rama nama varanane.
    Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare | hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare here

    Jai Bajaranga Bali.

    Hanuman will destroy every body who is the against of shriram & shriram setu.

    Jai Shriram

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