Setusamudram hey kaarasthan

Setusamudrahm hey kaarasthan (Marathi word meaning: place for conspiracies)

A few days ago, CM of Tamil Nadu spoke of conspiracy (caditittam) to scrap the Setu project.without naming the conspirators. Now, TR Baalu names a Union Minister as one of the conspirators; and this Minister protests being named part of the conspiracy.

Other conspiracies include the US Naval Operational Directive of 23 June 2005 just a week before the inauguration of the Setu p are well-known and documented. Why does the supercop want to convert these waters into international waters and why do the central govt. functionaries succumb to the supercop pressures?

And, how about the sea-sand godowns (and bail granted despite 19 FIRs) which have mushroomed in Setusamudram to export the mineral wealth contained in the sands, including thorium? How about Setusamudram being the nuclear resource zone of the world accounting for 32% of the world reserves of thorium?

How about the inaction of the government to prepare for the next devastating tsunami reported in Nature magazine of 6 Sept. 2007.

Conspiracies everywhere, Setusamudram hey kaarasthan.


Delhi Diary: Leakers-1, Jammers -0!

By a Sify correspondent
Monday, 18 February , 2008, 18:33

Baalu ko gussa kyon aata hain?

Rumours of a possible Cabinet reshuffle and his fall from favour with the powers that be in the UPA have these days makes Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, T R Baalu lose his temper at the smallest provocation.

At a recent meeting of the Group of Ministers (GoM) on the Sethusamudram issue, Minister for culture and Tourism Ambika Soni was at the receiving end of Balu’s outburst. When Sonia said that the Archaeological Survey of India could not file an affidavit in the Supreme Court because it had itself conducted no study to establish whether the Adams Bridge or Ram Sethu was man-made or not, Balu openly accused her of “a conspiracy to block the project.” The outburst stunned every one, including Minister of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee, who was presiding over the GoM. But before others could react, Soni stood up and walked out in a huff saying, “I am not here to be accused of a conspiracy!”


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