Setu: spud stuck in Gulf of Mannar hinders fishing


Spud stuck in Setu

Rameswaram (Dinamalar, 13 Feb. 2008)

Bharatiya Fishermen’s Federation Tamilnadu President Kuppuram said that fishing is hindered because a spud engaged during Setu channel dredging operations had broken and still lying in Setusamudram. He told the reporters in Rameswaram: We are concerned with many issues related to fishermen’s livelihood in Rameswaram. In the Gulf of Mannar area, the spud of a dredger called Aquarius broke and sank in the ocean. The crane which came to retrieve it also broke down. The spud still lying on the of the Gulf of Mannar is 15 metres long and weighs 50 tonnes. This is lying on the seabed between 5th and 6th sand shoals of Rama Setu. This is a region for fish landings and fish incubation in large quantities. Because of the spud the fishing operations are hampered since the fishing vessels and fishing nets get entangled with the broken spud. Despite repeated complaints made to Setusamudram Corporation and the Government of Tamilnadu, no action has been taken. Apart from the losses incurred by the fishermen because of this situation, the very process of fishing is becoming impossible. A police case has been lodged with Dhanushkodi police and a case is being pursued in the court. So said, Kuppuram.


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