Rama Setu: Congress, Rajnikanth muddled in thought

Rajnikanth eyeing politics? Biographer says so

Veeraraghav T M / CNN-IBN Published on Sat, Feb 09, 2008 at 00:50 

Chennai: For the first time, there seems to be credible evidence that superstar Rajnikanth might be interested in politics. The superstar is said to have disguised himself to attend a political rally on the Ram Setu issue, Dr Gayathri Sreekanth, the author of Rajnikanth’s first biography, made this revelation exclusively to CNN-IBN. “Rajni was very curious to know what was happening on the Ram Sethu issue. More than the media, he wanted to know what was happening at political rallies. So he disguised himself and went to a public meeting and sat with the crowds, listened to the meeting and then came back,” Dr Sreekanth, author of the biography, titled The Name is Rajnikanth, claims.It was an interesting revelation from the opthalmologist, who has written the superstar’s biography. Dr Sreekanth says what she found most interesting while writing about the superstar was his political awareness. “It’s inevitable that he enters politics not because of pressure, but because he can make a lot of difference,” she says.


Dinamalar, Feb. 9, 2008



One politico says there is a conspiracy to scrap Setu project. Another says her party is no hindrance to Setu project. Yet another says it doesn’t matter what route, do it. One more says that international norms will be invoked. An aspiring politico says he will learn about Rama Setu attending meetings incognito.
Superstar Rajni, did you get enlightened by attending these meetings?
Muddled in thought, the tragedy of politico’s and budding politico’s is that they do not want to know the facts. Like the celluloid, politics is also seen to be a make-believe mythya.
Who will care for the coastal/marine peoples’ lives? How about creating a reality of a Marine Economic Zone to unleash abhyudayam along the coastline of the Indian rim state of the Indian Ocean Community?


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