Setu channel project: viable?

Is the Ram Setu project viable?
31 Jan 2008, 1656 hrs IST , INDIATIMES NEWS NETWORK

There is fresh acrimony over the Sethusamudram project that involves dredging a channel in a narrow strip of sea between India and Sri Lanka. In a fresh twist to the controversy, the Director General of the Coast Guard has said he is worried that the project will pose a security threat to the country, putting ships moving through the canal at risk of a terrorist (LTTE, to be precise) attack. Even the Navy chief has said that the canal cannot be used for big ships on international routes. The conservationists have also voiced concern about the repercussions the project will have on marine ecology. With the project getting the thumbs down from so many quarters should the government go ahead with it?  Raja gopal , Perth.W.A. , says: It has become a more of a prestige issue and the the ruling party wants the project to go through and many cosiderations including religious beliefs are secondary. It is not advisable to hurt the the sentiments and beliefs of a particular community and that is the essence of dynamic secularism. It is better to drop the project at least for now.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0823 hrs IST]

Suresh Ahluwalia , Baltimore USA , says: No. As a Navyman and also as a longtime mariner, who is very familiar with the area, I say that it does not serve any useful purpose, either nationally or internationally. Also, it is not at all cost effective nor it is commercially attractive.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0758 hrs IST]

Basawaraj Patil , Singapore , says: Why such problems are coming up at the implementation time? These questions should have been arrived at the initial stage of the project when team had plan to implement it.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0757 hrs IST]

Vittal Venkataraman , Washington DC , says: The politicians are more interested in destroying Ram Setu than the SSCP project construction. There can be no discussion on a matter of faith. Will the same politicos go this far, if the issue involved faith of Muslims or other minorities? The answer is no.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0751 hrs IST]

Santosh Barat , California USA , says: It is stupid for the government to proceed with the project. The objective view is that the project will not be beneficial to fisherman or shipping. The only people who might benefit will be small vessels which on their own will not be able to sustain economically without government subsidy. It will be just a dole out to the supporters of the government of Tamil Nadu. It is a government giveaway from Tamil Nadu at the expense of the rest of the taxpayers of the country.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0717 hrs IST]

Rajesh , Chicago , says: Let’s stop building high-rises in India. Let’s demolish our Parliament building. Let’s close our stock exchange. Let’s stop building factories. All these are security risks as terrorists want to attack them.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0700 hrs IST]

shahid , khan , says: It is just a waste of money. Why can’t we leave things the way they are. What is actually going to happen even if we build this project? Are we going to stop fighting with each other in the name of God.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0656 hrs IST]

C.S.Narasimhan , Coimbatore , says: In the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu and the rest of the country the project deserves to be given a decent burial under the Adam’s bridge!
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0639 hrs IST]

TS Walliya , Mumbai , says: We need to look at the concerns from various parties and address the same accordingly. We all know many channels have been build even longer than this with all precautions being taken for environment related issues. Sure, we have many ways to save the marine life and corals… I am a scuba diver and love to have the marine life around. At the end of the day, we should focus on country development rather than fighting for political benefits of each other. If the channel is not enough for the international ships, please widen it for larger ships and move on.. There are ways to safeguard Adams Bridge also.. Please look in to resolving the problem and not adding hurdles to the problem. My beloved Indian… You need to look at wide picture… don’t look at your caste, state.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0553 hrs IST]

GOKUL , USA , says: It will be too stupid to go ahead with the project. In all fairness the formation should be protected and made a tourist attraction, which will fetch more revenues and add to the glory of India. Underwater transparent and sealed tunnels along certain sections of the bridge will attract more tourists from all around the world to watch it. Even if the bridge formation in the sea was natural, it was surely reinforced manually at many sections to make passage for the Ram-army to use it for going to Lanka. Therefore, it is a historic monument needing more scientific and archaeological researches, in place of whimsical actions. At the same time no government is allowed to ignore mythological and archaeological facts spread around in India and Sri Lanka and play with sentiments of hundreds of millions people throughout the world.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0549 hrs IST] K Sridharan , USA , says: You mean to tell me the project was started without even consulting the defence services? No archaeological, oceanographic, social and security analyzes performed? The project should be scrapped and all those that pushed it through fully investigated for fraud and incompetence.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0458 hrs IST]

CK , USA , says: Not only the country’s security is under threat but also what good is a project when sentiments of millions of the people are being hurt? On one hand UPA use Gandhi’s image nationwide but on the other hand they ignore the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was also a true believer of Shri Ram. His whole life he followed the principles of Shri Ram. If congress is denying the existence of Shri Ram than they should also deny the existence of Gandhi’s true principles. Whenever it comes to Hindu beliefs, congress is the first one to hurt Hindu’s sentiments. They never object to the beliefs of other faiths. I believe they do this purposely to further divide India and bring more communal tensions. They use Gandhi as a brand ambassador for their party. If this project is not stopped, I believe India will again go backward to the time of communal tensions. And congress will pay the price in elections. After many years, we can also doubt the existence of the congress leaders? But Shri Ram will always be there in our hearts. I believe media has not acted maturely and supported or represented as true voice of the public. Media is still acting like a baby and looks for exciting masala from the news rather than support the public in bringing coward politicians to justice. Act more responsibly like western media, will you? Allow yourself to be independent even after 250 of slavery.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0445 hrs IST]

BharathiKumar , Chennai , says: Tamilnadu had created a blunder under the DMK Government to go ahead with the project ignoring the objections and silenced their voices. From time immortal Hindus are paying homage to Sethu Bridge. Bharat is united not because of boundaries but because of Vedas, Upanishads and Sruthis. People go from Ram Sethu to Allahabad to pay their homage to Lord Rama and Mother Sita. Valmiki Ramayana dealt this subject in detail and explains to us how the bridge was built and it helps us to form natural thorium deposits for us and future generation. In fact DMK government adamantly took Shipping and Industry Ministry to grab the money and help LTTE. This is an open secret. But unfortunately in Tamilnadu we do not have leaders like Rajaji or Kamaraj. Even though Jayalalitha was dead against terrorists she was not given chance by the people of Tamilnadu to rule. Her rule was really nice and even the friends of terrorists were afraid to talk it out. But now the situation is different since DMK Government is supporting terrorism and Centre is silence spectator. We hope that Centre should accept its mistake and abandon the project. Nothing will happen if the Project is abandoned because there is no takers for it.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0416 hrs IST]

Raj kumar , Rameswaram, Tamilnadu, , says: I don’t think this project is really necessary. Put it like this we all are concern of safety right, in up north terrorist are threatening our people down south its full of peace and life is normal we don’t want to mess up by bring a new channel which will be helpful for LTTE to attack us. As an Indian of course we don’t want this project.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0415 hrs IST]

A.K.Aggarwal , Ahmedabad , says: When both the Navy Chief and the Coast Guard Chief say that the Sethu project is against the security interests of the nation, we must listen to them. The financial benefits to the nation seem to be very doubtful. While it is true that the Congress regimes have always guarded the interest of its politician-contractor mafia, let us hope that the prime minister will have the political integrity to block the project.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0411 hrs IST]

rajashree , UK , says: Even if it is not built by Rama why can’t we retain our ancient structures as any other countries do? Why are we acting like Taliban destroyed Buddha statues? We need to learn from countries like Germany who regret loss of their heritage in World War II. We can never bring back the original structure once it is destroyed. Can we not retain a natural/ heritage/ old relic? Why should all our decisions be based on economy?
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0408 hrs IST]

DRNANAVATI , USA , says: The British gave up on the idea.UK ruled all over the world why they did not build it. They could have used in World War 2. It was not viable then, not today, and not tomorrow. DMK government will be happy for LTTE sneak attack. It would not be long before Sri Lankan Tamils & Tamilnadu Tamils want their own homeland.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0337 hrs IST]

s.k.saha , houston, texas , says: No. We should not build this project. We must preserve our religious heritage even if we can not prove its authenticity. Can government prove GOD’S existence? This is a belief and must be honoured.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0332 hrs IST]

LACHMAN , CALIFORNIA , says: I hope the today’s politicians seek ways to vote bank, minority vote, pseudo secularism; but they are not secularists. These pseudo secularists are not bothered about Hindu majority, and in order to pull down BJP, rest of the parties of India work against majority; for their selfish gains only. These parties do not bother about countries economy, future, security etc. God bless India, but sorry these politicians do not believe in god.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0332 hrs IST]

kulwant dhankar , loa angeles , says: I think Setu project is the best thing that could be considered as a contribution to the global maritime system by India.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0323 hrs IST] jayaraman , Fiji , says: Setu Project is for facilitating Tamil Tigers to make travel to and from India easier. Karuna knows it; Vaiko knows it and all Dravidian parties know it. Only Prime Minister refuse to know it.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0303 hrs IST]

Shivananda Nayak , Bangalore , says: I would like to question the government. Please don’t test the patience of Hindus. Instead of destroying the Ram Setu please protect it and make it a national treasure. Would the government have done the same thing if any monument was built by minorities? Certainly not! I can show 100’s of projects which are not implemented or completed till now, then why is government hurting the sentiments of Hindus. Please don’t tell us whether Lord Sri Ram existed or not!
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0230 hrs IST]

Senthilkumar , India , says: Sethu project is designed to enhance the economy of the people of southern districts of Tamil Nadu. Improving the people’s livelihood through creating employment opportunities. Sethu project will bring economic improvement in the southern zone. Any developmental project has its own merits and demerits. We can not prohibit the progress of the nation just by unscientific arguments. If the large ships cannot pass the channel with the current plan then the plan should be changed to allow large ships. Regarding the security… India is facing security threats everywhere. It is the duty of the coast guard to give protection if there is any threat, not to just say that there is threat.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0145 hrs IST]

Sri Ramanathan , Auckland, New Zealand , says: I think the project is a waste of people’s money. Several experts have voiced serious concerns about the viability of the project. So it is prudent to abandon the project.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0105 hrs IST]

Dr. R. K. Jain , London , says: I can not comment on security issues but it will be irresponsible for politicians to dismiss expert opinion. It will have environmental impact due to change in flow and could be disastrous in case a big storm occurs in the area. The channel could give jet effect very significantly increasing flow speed and raising water levels; this must be studied by detailed computer modeling. Furthermore, state must respect emotional implications of the majority population; economics can not be more important the emotional stress that it would cause to hundreds of millions of believers. Will the Government dare undertake such a project if one of the minorities was affected?
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0050 hrs IST]

J.J. PAUL , SINGAPORE , says: The current chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu is indeed a brave man and one who is not afraid to make unpopular decisions. His decision to dredge a channel is to be commended and he should be supported all the way by all Indians. I am of the firm conviction; the end result of the exercise will benefit India tremendously. Fear not you Indians. Go ahead with the project with a positive mindset. In order to exhort you may I also say that the combined monkey and tiger populations of the whole world will neither be able to hurt nor hinder you, if you should decide to put your shoulders to the wheel and as one united people achieve something which you can be proud of.
[1 Feb, 2008 | 0002 hrs IST]

anish singh , allahabad , says: We should analyze the benefits we are going to gain using this project and together considering the effects on our environment and culture. Don’t create a drama of all this, everyone should put his\her point and then take the right decision. Here we can compromise to some extend for the progress of our country if this project is helping in it. Why we all are running behind the media and the politicians, we should first think and then decide. And I want to request the media, please write a column with all consequences of this project (both good and bad part). Every projects have some bad affects but if we want to accelerate our pace towards development we have to compromise to some extent.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2356 hrs IST]

Maverick , Ottawa, Canada , says: After reading about this project on various forums, it seems to me that this project does seem to perform any of the four parameters 1) Economic 2) Social 3) Security and 4) Environment. I think the decision should be fairly clear in such a case in a business world. I have faith in the ability of our bureaucrats and am sure that reports to this order have been put forward. It is time the minister in charge and the whole political circle start making some concrete decisions based on the available information and move on to some meaningful projects.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2320 hrs IST]

Syed Nasiruddin , India , says: Apprehensions from the Coast Guard Chief is astonishing. This project had been dreamt more than a century ago. Suppose if it existed, built by British, will they not guard it? Second, it is useful for small ships, any project should be viable for small and young people only and not for the biggies, otherwise they will conquer and these young ones will have to suffer by paying hefty amounts as rent and will be given less time for using it. Hence, the project should proceed and find ways to reap benefits out of it.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2319 hrs IST]

Kumar , Indian , says: Indian Ocean around this region is unique. Marco Polo has mentioned about the way of life in this region. This region is rich in marine biology. Meanwhile instead of preserving the eco system for our future generations, there are few contractors and politicians who are interested in making money out of a natural wonder, by plundering it. Let us develop the area into a tourist destination and underwater diversity paradise.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2318 hrs IST] Govind , USA , says: Dear Politicians, Please stop this useless and pseudo development for the vote bank politics. Everyone knows (whether they agree or not) that this is Ramsetu and not a natural formation. All the Vedic scriptures have reference to Ramsetu. But, it is surprising that how fallen human can become, once he is covered by greed of ruling. These looters, so called protectors of the society are leading the people towards hell at a high speed. They are advocating and persuading the people to do all the bad things with a cover of pseudo secularism or pseudo development. And people are victims of these politicians. Please stop this project, there are hundreds of small reasons apart from the main reason that this is a creation by Lord Ram and one should be respectful and worship it, instead of trying to destroy it.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2258 hrs IST]

Mike , USA , says: I think, the govt. should stop thinking of this project. If there are losses and danger to security after the project, then whether govt. agrees or disagrees, this natural or (believed to be man made anciently) is something that God has created and may be its God’s signal to us that not to destroy this creation.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2208 hrs IST]

Ram , USA , says: We should stop this project! It shows that as Indians are not respect God Ram.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2131 hrs IST]

Gurudath , Mumbai , says: It is imperative that is project is cancelled forthwith. Delay in taking this decision and moving ahead perhaps symbolises the indecisiveness that plagues the country.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2114 hrs IST]

mani , Nagpur , says: Don’t waste time on controversial projects. There are some other project on which nation should concentrate 1) Complete the National highway project started by Atal Ji. 2) Make drinking water available in all the villages, Store as much rain water we can and try to connect rivers. 3) Improve public transport; connect all the metros and North to South by fast track train (lay down new fast track).
[31 Jan, 2008 | 2101 hrs IST]

Nagendra Rao , Pune , says: Vowing to the explanation and opposition by various people of different area and class of society the project seems only a money waste and hurting emotions and ecology without much benefit in it to accomplish these.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1941 hrs IST]

Kirtidev Bhatt , Columbia, MD , says: If politicians want to waste public’s hard earned cash on a completely irrelevant project the public has a right to ask “How do you plan to pay for this project?” If there is no pay back… public has no interest in this waste of money. If there is a pay back, then the next question is “who benefits from it?” If politicians cannot answer this question the money should be used for more productive project.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1930 hrs IST]

swamy , chennai , says: It is definitely economically viable, but not to the people of India. But to Mr Karunanidhi and his family and DMK, the policy is to swindle as much as you can while you are in power.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1922 hrs IST]

Charanjeet , Delhi , says: Even if you keep all political reasons aside this project doesn’t seem feasible on many fronts. 1. Amount of continuous maintenance (read tredging) is going to be a lot. 2. There will be constant threat of attacks by LTTE 3. Large ships will not be able to use it and that means only small ships can use it. That means all thi smoney will be spent without too much benefit.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1852 hrs IST]

Basab Roy , Durgapur , says: In a state which is a practising capitalist democracy, any issue that can drag floating votes to the interested political party, is considered a marketable product. In the same argument, our main opposition party has find in it a potential power if properly fanned by the media. Why are they now interested in the acceptance of the Sethusamundram project? They had enough time to process the issue for finalisation when the NDA was in power. Why were they inactive then? Here lies the answer. The people of India should remain reasonable and good techno-economic sense need to prevail.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1829 hrs IST] n , n , says: I am against the project.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1819 hrs IST]

lokendra singh hada , pune , says: I don’t think it is viable to go further with the project as we are terrified by the possibility of being attacked by LTTE. We know that it will be risky to trade internationally along that route. So investing so much money in this project will not be economical.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1818 hrs IST]

mathew , bangalore , says: This project is not viable on many counts. Primary reason is that any move to implement this project will give an opportunity to political parties to create a divisive atmosphere. It will translate into the next rath yatra leading to disastrous consequences. I believe that respecting the sentiments of 80% of the population, the project should be shelved. Secondly, there have been concerns that once the project is completely, the container capacity of ships and large tankers would have increased and that will again make it redundant in terms of the size of ships that can user this channel Thirdly, we need to seriously rethink on whether it is justified in tinkering with the fragile ecosystem of the area. At a time when ecological awareness is increasing the world over, this seems to be quite the opposite.
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1814 hrs IST]

Shankar.S. , Bangalore , says: It is absolute mindless action if they go ahead with the project. Leave alone whether it was built by man or nature. If the project is not going to give you any gain, why should it be started? I went through an article by some marine engineer looking at the pros & cons of the project. But whatever he has put down in the article, indicates that there are only disadvantages. So, let the political people think before
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1755 hrs IST]

Nikhil Mundle , Nagpur , says: I am sure that this govt will try to go ahead with this project. It is rightly said, “Vinaashkaaley Viparit Buddhi”!
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1740 hrs IST]

Rajesh , India , says: Clearly the Cons outweigh the Pros. But the Govt (At least, the DMK at Tamil Nadu) may want to go ahead with the project as “Policy Matter”. Which is to say, projecting themselves as “Secular”, which again means being sensitive to one communities feelings and insensitive to other communities feelings, and labelling anyone that oppose them as “Communal extremist”. Oh my india.. <sigh>
[31 Jan, 2008 | 1731 hrs IST],curpg-5.cms  

kalyan , chennai , says: Even assuming that the project economics are true, the annual revenue from the Setu channel will be only Rs. 200 crores. This will be at the cost of destroying a marine products industry which in Tamil Nadu alone is producing Rs. 2000 crores in foreign exchange earnings per annum and supporting over 20 lakh coastal/marine people. Both marine products industry and navigation cannot coexist in the narrow gulf. An alternative to the project is to set up Marine Economic Zones along over 8000 kms of Indian coastline. This MEZ in Tamilnadu will help increase the foreign exchange earnings from marine products to Rs. 10000 crores per annum. This will be true development, assuming that projects are designed to benefit the citizens and economy of the nation. Why destroy a Setu which has protected the coastline against the last tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004? Another tsunami is coming, more devastating. Keep the Rama Setu as the tsunami wall of the nation.
1 Feb 2008, 1011 hrs IST
G.Alagarsamy , chennai , says: Sedhusamudram project is totally a waste.DMK politicians for their selfish nature and self benefits are pushing central govt. to implement it.The commitee formed by T.R.BALU to study about the project is a bogus one with all his supporting members.
1 Feb 2008, 1106 hrs IST
Rohan D’Costa , Bangalore , says: We have so many problems other than Ram Sethu. Mr. Karunanidhi if you are a good Chief Minister pressurize the Center to link the rivers, since we are fighting for Kaveri water. I don’t know how our Constitution has been written, there is no retirement age for politicians till their death. A person who doesn’t know how to speak is a Cheif Minister. If you are brave, do it something as a favour to your farmers by pressurizing the Centre to link northern rivers to the south. Don’t always fight with us (Karnataka). Don’t do all these stuppid politics for your sake. Also it’s very much shameful that Hindus are against Hindus. It’s very much shameful that no political party (most leaders are Hindus) spoke openly about this project other than BJP only to keep their vote bank alive.
1 Feb 2008, 1102 hrs IST
Vivek , San Diego , says: This whole project is a humbug. I don’t see anyone interested in this other than the Sonia-Karunanidhi duo. Apart from the established fact that this project is not feasible, not economically viable, environmentally disastrous and threat to national security, they have been pursuing this as a tool for divisive politics.
1 Feb 2008, 1048 hrs IST
Shanthakumar , mysore , says: Mr. Karunanidhi questioned once from which engineering college did Lord Rama became engineer to construct the bridge and hence his analysis is that this Ramsethu is not built by Rama. Hello, to all those who are for the project, please leave Ram Sethu as it is. We Hindus believe in this. Who built Taj Mahal? From engineering college did this emperor had his engineering degree? We can ask: From which engineering college did Mr.Karunanidhi took his degree so that he can clear many engineering projects under his CM’s post? If he can clear the projects with the help of engineers of the country, we can also argue that Mr.Ram need not obtain any degree from any engineering college and he can also supervise the bridge with the assistance of those who have worked under him -who has the expertise of building the dams at that time- as in the case of those who built Taj Mahal? Now, dropping out this project will ease the tension of all Hindus at any part of the world -it is best. Otherwise the wrath of all Hindus will be there.
1 Feb 2008, 1041 hrs IST
sanjay , US , says: No one answers the big question. What would be the revenue. All the experienced seamen say that it is just a waste of money. Plus there is a lot of running cost. Some intelligent politician suggested that it is as important as the panama or Suez Canal. That shows their pathetic geography. It was suggested during the British era for the ships whose size was far too less. The politicians still hang on to the idea and to the dimensions of the tunnel. Maintaining the tunnel of such dimensions is impractical considering a constant dredging necessary due to the currents present. Secondly the sizes of the ships have increased tremendously and big ships which are the cause of the traffic cannot pass through the tunnel. So the project just caters to the local small ships only. Clearly it would be a enormous waste of taxpayers money. The only people who will stand to make money are the dredging company only. May be it is owned by DMK.
1 Feb 2008, 1040 hrs IST
pankaj , india , says: It is not at all viable, still how come court has not reached this conclusion yet? Shouldn’t court take opinions from non-government bodies, may be those outside of India.
1 Feb 2008, 1035 hrs IST
Clement Fernandes , Goa , says: Hindus are peace lovers & they have been targeted. It’s the right time to deport all these anti-national politicians to the place where they like to live outside Hindustan & built a free & developed Hindu nation. Even the biased media poses a big threat to our nation. Best example for this is Gujarat Election.
1 Feb 2008, 1034 hrs IST
Senthil , Gurgaon , says: This is an excellent project for the development of economically backward Southern Tamil Nadu. This project is being demanded by various Tamil Parties ever since independence. People who have no understanding about the project are against it. It is the BJP and Jayalalitha who till four years ago supporting the project turned against, as they do not want the credit of implementing the project go to current ruling parties at State and Centre. Any developmental project will have impact on environment, if as a nation we are so concerned about the environment we should not have built the huge dams including Narmada, displacing lakhs of people. It is disappointing to see India fails to understand the conspiracy of Sri Lanka, which is working to ensure that project fails, as the project will hurt it`s economic interests. It is surprising to see the comments of Navy Chief and Coast Gaurd Chief, will you support a developmental project fearing terrorist attack, in that case we should stop building refineries in Assam.
1 Feb 2008, 1027 hrs IST
Vishal D’Souza , Mangalore , says: As per Cost Guard & Navy Chief’s it’s well known that there will be major security threat to the southern states. Is our present Govt. really concerned about the security of our nation. I think the present Govt. totally planning to destroy the nation by bowing down to it’s allies. I strongly oppose the Sethusamudram project. Since DMK made this an election issue when campaigning they only need the project it seems. Around 90% of Indians population doesn’t want this project to happen.


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