Setu channel project: scrap it.

Setu channel: Naval experts say security threat, Ambika Soni says no info., Moily asks for holistic view, AIADMK agitation in Rameshwaram on seamines  Naval officer voices concern over Sethusamudram Project Naval experts agree that the LTTE terrorists can attack passing ships, and the shallow seabed of the Gulf also makes it easier to place sea mines. For the last year, unlikely allies of religious groups, scientists, economists and environmentalists have protested against the Sethusamudram project, which envisages dredging the coral walkway between India and Sri Lanka to reduce sailing time for ships.  Now, concerns about the project are being expressed by some of the top officials in the Indian Navy.  Vice-Admiral Rustam F. Contractor , director general of the Indian Coast Guard, said the Sethusamudram channel was a “security risk” to the country. This is the first time such a top defence official has gone on record against the project. Contractor said there are chances of militants using this channel. “Security issues are bound to arise. It’s a sea, its waters are shared, the maritime area is common by virtue of the close boundary lines between Sri Lanka and us, so obviously the implications are more there.”  Naval experts agree that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) terrorists can attack passing ships, and the shallow seabed of the gulf also makes it easier to place sea mines.  In addition, maritime piracy has become a lucrative alternative for terrorist groups to find funding. “They capture ships and hold them to ransom. The going rate right now is about $100,000 (Rs39.4 lakh) per ship,” said former Capt. H. Balakrishnan. The proceeds are used to procure weapons of destruction. “The threat of maritime terrorism is being recognized world-wide and British security adviser Admiral Sir Alan West, had said terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda have realized how important maritime is and how sea-borne terrorism could cripple global trade,” Balakrishnan said. Last February, Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta had warned that the Indian Ocean region had emerged as a hub of global terrorism and the risk from LTTE was real.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has given the government five more weeks to draft an affidavit to explain the cultural significance of the coral walkway —the Adam’s Bridge—also known as Ram Sethu. The court has also asked the government to explain why this particular channel alignment was chosen out of the six alternatives, and what studies have been conducted to verify the historicity of the bridge, believed by Hindu organizations to have been built by the Hindu god Ram.  Priyanka P. Narain 


Holistic approach needed on Sethusamudram project: Congress Thursday, 31 January , 2008, 22:12
Last Updated: Friday, 01 February , 2008, 01:33
New Delhi: As a new controversy erupted over the Sethusamudram project, the Congress today said a holistic approach is needed to be arrived at after a cogent study of the issue. But the party sidestepped questions on whether the implementation of the project would be delayed because of the various rows. “We don’t want to bulldoze. We have to convince the Supreme Court. You don’t go by individual ministry’s view,” was the refrain of AICC Media Department Chairman M Veerappa Moily. He said the matter is before the Supreme Court and has opened up a lot of issues that have to be sorted out. Moily’s remarks also came in view of Coast Guard Chief Vice Admiral R F Contractor today saying the proposed shipping canal would lead to “more security problems” for India. Thursday, January 31, 2008Coast Guard terms Sethusamudram project as a Security Threat The controversial Sethusamudram project has raised serious concerns at the highest level in defence circles. Vice Admiral R F Contractor, the DG of Coast Guard, said that Sethusamudram project could pose a security threat to the country. According to him, there are chances of militants using the proposed channel.

The UPA government has expressed surprise over this statement. The Union Tourism and Culture Minister, Ambika Soni said that Coast Guard hasn’t given any information to the Indian government on security threat posed by the Sethusamudram project.  Consider security concerns in Setu project: BJP
31 Jan 2008, 2158 hrs IST , PTI NEW DELHI: The BJP on Thursday asked the Government to take into account the security apprehensions expressed by the Coast Guard Director General regarding the proposed Sethusamudram project.

“The BJP is not against the Sethusamudram project. But if the senior-most official of the Coast Guard is talking about security concerns, it is a big thing,” BJP spokesman Ravishankar Prasad said.

“The government should take due note of it. We would like the concerns of the Coast Guard to be reflected in the affidavit which the government will be filing in the Supreme Court,” he said.

Prasad added that his party believed the security concerns expressed by Coast Guard Director General Vice Admiral R F Contractor would be factored in while the government firms up its stand on the matter.  Centre has 4 weeks to file Rama Setu affidavits January 31, 2008 19:21 IST

The Supreme Court on Thursday granted another four weeks to the Centre to file affidavits related to the Sethusamudram project which is in the midst of a controversy over Rama Setu.A bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan accepted the request of Additional Solicitor General R Mohan that the two weeks time granted to the Centre on January 16 to file the affidavits be extended by four weeks and posted the matter for hearing in the first week of March.Janata Party president Subramanium Swamy, who is one of the petitioners opposing the project, said it should be made clear that the Centre should not ask for any further adjournment and file two separate affidavits.He reminded that the court had asked the Centre to review the alignments of the Sethusamudram project and, secondly, whether the Rama Setu, a mythical bridge situated south-east off Rameshwaram connected to the Talaimanar coast of Sri Lanka  can be declared as a protected ancient monument.Attorney General Milon K Banerji on January 16 had informed the court that a committee appointed by the Centre was re-examining the feasibility of the project.During the last hearing, Swamy had said the Centre has not yet responded to the order passed by Madras high court asking it to conduct an archaeological investigation whether Rama Setu could be declared as protected ancient monument.He said before his petition was transferred to the apex court, the high court had specifically directed the Centre to investigate whether Rama Setu qualifies to be categorised as a historical monument.Instead, the Centre came out with two controversial affidavits questioning the existence of Lord Rama and manmade bridge Rama Setu which was withdrawn after large scale protest, Swamy had said.  Thursday, 31 January 2008UPA Govt may put Ram Setu project on hold The contentious Sethu Samundaram project is likely to be put on hold as after facing uproar from the Sangh Parivar over the issue, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government has been looking for a face saver that would allow it to exit the project. The government’s political reluctance has now been bolstered by a military caveat after the Navy chief and the Coast Guard Director General said that the project is a security threat.The military establishment has warned that dredging a channel out of Adam’s Bridge or Ram Setu will create a serious security problem for India.“By virtue of the close boundary lines between Sri Lanka and us, obviously the implications are there for the security,” Vice-Admiral RF Contractor, DG Coast Guard, warned.The Coast Guard DG’s warning comes close on the heels of reservations expressed by Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta.And with the armed forces going public with their view, it’s clear that the UPA Government cleared the contentious Rs 2,500 crore project without a proper security audit.“Expert bodies like the Coast Guard Chiefs are raising matters of serious security concern, then it is a matter that ought to be factored into by the Government of India,” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shanker Prasad said.The Congress would rather be out of the controversy though the development immensely suits their present political stand – delay any stand and it seems to be finding a way out of an embarrassing situation. “The chief of the Naval Staff may have said or the coast guard may said but these are all that will be inputs before the government before they take a decision or before they go ahead,” Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said.The bitter political spat over the Sethu Samundaram project has been focused around the existence of Lord Ram.With India’s security establishment now going public with its grave reservations about this proposed channel, it’s perhaps a signal that the project should be debated rationally on its merits.Source: CNN-IBN  Balu says Sethu opponents are enemies of TN   Chennai, Jan 31 (IANS) Those opposing the Rs.24.5 billion Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project are “enemies of Tamil Nadu and of the economic progress of south India”, Shipping Minister T.R. Baalu said Thursday.“The project is a 150-year-old dream of the Tamils that will bring economic prosperity to the entire south. All those who oppose it are the enemies of Tamil Nadu and of the progress of south India,” Baalu told reporters during the inauguration of the annual leather fair here.His comments came on a day Indian Coast Guard (ICG) chief Vice Admiral Rusi Contractor told reporters in New Delhi that the project has “security implications” because the project is close to the India-Sri Lanka maritime boundary and these have been “conveyed” to the government.Baalu, however, did not make a reference to Contractor’s remarks.The project envisages creating a shorter sea route between India’s eastern and western coasts by dredging a shallow part of the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. Several Hindu groups as well as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have opposed the project, saying it would affect an undersea formation known as Adam’s Bridge, or Ram Setu mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana.Baalu represents the DMK, Tamil Nadu’s ruling party and a constituent of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), which has been insisting on going ahead with the project. Environmental groups have also opposed the Sethusamudram project, saying it would destroy the fragile ecosystem of the area.The Supreme Court has stayed the project pending the resolution of all contentious issues. On Thursday, it gave four more weeks to the government to file its affidavit on the project.

 Thursday, January 31, 2008Coast Guard terms Sethusamudram project as a Security Threat The controversial Sethusamudram project has raised serious concerns at the highest level in defence circles. Vice Admiral R F Contractor, the DG of Coast Guard, said that Sethusamudram project could pose a security threat to the country. According to him, there are chances of militants using the proposed channel.

The UPA government has expressed surprise over this statement. The Union Tourism and Culture Minister, Ambika Soni said that Coast Guard hasn’t given any information to the Indian government on security threat posed by the Sethusamudram project.  Sethu project is a security threat: Coast Guard DG
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi (1 Feb. 2008)
Adding fuel to the Ram Setu controversy, Director-General of Indian Coast Guard has cautioned that the Sethusamudram project poses a national security hazard and also conveyed his concern over the project to the Government.
 “We have already mounted a strong vigil on the country’s southern coastal waters. Projects like the Sethusamudram could bring in more security problems,” said Coast Guard chief Vice Admiral RF Contractor.  The candid admission by the DG came on the sidelines of a media interaction on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of ICG. However, he added that security measures would be put in place once the channel becomes operational.  His view follows the comment made by Naval Chief Vice-Admiral Sureesh Mehta who said the project could hamper the movement of bigger vessels, including those employed by the Indian Navy.  When asked whether the Coast Guard had conveyed its concerns to the Government, Contractor said that both the Navy and Coast Guard were asked to give their views prior to the project being cleared. Contractor hinted at the close proximity of India-Sri Lanka maritime border as the cause of worry. The Coast Guard had mounted a round-the-clock aerial and sea vigil in the Palk Bay as well as Gulf of Mannar to guard against infiltration of Sri Lankan armed militants into India. Though the number of Tamil migrants from Sri Lanka had dropped this year, after almost touching a high of 16,619 last year, “security centres are active in all places where antecedents of refugees coming from Sri Lanka are being checked,” he added.  The statement by the DG gave a good handle to the leading Opposition party BJP that decried the Government’s attempts to override such a serious concern. On Thursday, the BJP upped the ante against the Government on the viability of the project. “We are not against the Sethusamudram project. But if the senior-most official of the Coast Guard is talking about security concerns, it is a big thing,” said BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad.  Speaking to reporters, Prasad hoped the concerns of the Coast Guard would be reflected in the affidavit to be filed in the Supreme Court. The VHP has also reacted to the security concerns raised by the Coast Guard and said no one should be allowed to play with the national security. “As, experts of different fields have already expressed concerns over the project, the Government should file an affidavit immediately before the Supreme Court to save Ram Setu,” said Vinod Bansal, media chief of the Rameswaram Ram Setu Raksha Manch, Delhi. Pointing out that the Navy Chief and Coast Guard chief are the two final authorities, entrusted with the task of national security, Bansal said the Government should scrap the project to ensure safety and security of the region and save the tax payer’s money.  The Centre, meanwhile, seems tied up with political compulsions from within and outside to give a response to the Supreme Court, which is hearing a batch of petitions relating to the continuation of the project. Already the Supreme Court has stayed dredging activities in or around Ram Setu. Appearing before a Bench headed by Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan, Additional Solicitor-General (ASG) R Mohan informed the Court on Thursday that the Centre is yet to finalise the affidavit to be filed in relation to the matter. On January 16, the Court directed the Centre to file its affidavit within two weeks following which hearing in the matter was to take place. The Bench comprising of Justices RV Raveendran and JM Panchal allowed four weeks time to the Centre posting the matter in the first week of March. Janata Party president Subramanium Swamy, who has filed two petitions challenging the Government’s decision to destroy the natural bridge, urged the Court to direct the Centre to file separate affidavits on the aspects of alignment of the project and on the investigations conducted by the Government to determine the historicity of the Ram Setu. The Government had incurred a loss of face following its affidavit filed in Apex Court in September 2007. In its bid to rubbish the petitioner’s claims of declaring Ram Setu an ancient monument, the Government declared that the mythological text of Ramayan could not be considered a “historical record” for lack of any scientific study or proof. It thus refuted the “existence or the occurrence of events depicted therein”. Courting controversy for its alleged denial of Lord Ram, the Centre withdrew the Ministry of Culture’s affidavit from court promising to file a better one after conducting a detailed study of the objections raised by the petitioners. An expert committee constituted for this purpose submitted its report to the Government, which is to finalise its response to be given to Court.  Cong wants project delayed, hints Moily
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi (Feb. 1, 2008)

Despite pressure from coalition ally DMK, the Congress is ready for a detailed archaeological survey to ascertain various issues raised over Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP).
 Congress media department chairman M Veerappa Moily said on Thursday, “The Supreme Court has opened up a lot of issues. If it is required and the Supreme Court desires so, we are prepared to conduct an archaeological study to ascertain facts. These are not issues that can be bulldozed.” Meanwhile, Culture Minister Ambika Soni said the ASI could not give a definite view on the project without undertaking some kind of survey. She also said the Government would take into consideration various inputs, including the security concerns expressed over the project, before it takes a decision on it. “The Archaeological Survey of India cannot give a view definitely on whether this can be declared as site of national importance or not without undertaking some kind of survey,” Soni said.  “These would be inputs before the Government before it takes a decision or goes ahead,” Soni said. She said the ASI has never undertaken any kind of survey or exploration. “So it is very difficult for us to give any opinion based on first hand knowledge,” she told PTI. For all practical purposes, a fresh study will push the project back by several months, and help the Congress prevent it becoming a major issue in the next general election. Moily also indicated the party was firm despite the opposition of the DMK, which wants early implementation of the project. When asked that Shipping Minister TR Baalu, who belongs to DMK, has been pressing for early implementation, Moily said, “Baalu’s Ministry is the implementing agency. The entire project does not go by what one Ministry has to say.” Moily also officially issued an eight-page note on SSCP in which the Congress countered every claim of the BJP and blamed the party for unnecessarily politicising the issue, especially when the project had been cleared by BJP-led NDA Government itself. The note also points out that AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa, who has now moved a petition in Supreme Court to declare Adam’s Bridge a national monument, had herself appealed to NDA Government’s Prime Minister AB Vajpayee to expedite the project. Moily’s view clearly indicated that the party is trying to buy time over the issue, which has become a political hot potato of sorts lately. By getting a time extension of another month for filling affidavit in the Supreme Court, the Government is ensuring that the issue is put in cold storage.  Playing down the security concerns raised by the Coast Guard, Moily said: “There should be a holistic view on this… There may be a security problem, but this is not for the entire nation. This is not what the Coast Guard Director-General has pointed out.” When asked if there was a security problem, Moily said: “This you should ask NDA’s Defence Minister because the project had been passed by NDA and we are just implementing the project.”  Sethu will be risky: Coast Guard New Delhi, Jan. 31 (Deccan Chronicle): The director-general of the Coast Guard, Vice-Admiral Rusi Contractor, has warned that there would be security threats emerging from the proposed Sethusamudram project and that the Coast Guard had already conveyed its views to the government on this. “It (Sethusamudram) is a major project. The government has taken our views. There are security threats. There are ramifications,” he said, at a function to mark the 31st anniversary of the Coast Guard.“It is a maritime area. Security issues are bound to arise by virtue of the close boundary line between India and Sri Lanka,” he said. “If a freeway canal is opened up for ships for transit, there can be piracy there,” the director-general  pointed out. He said there was also the problem of close proximity to a neighbouring country where a conflict is raging, like Sri Lanka. Coast Guard officials said if the channel created by the Sethusamudram project is narrow, it could also led to navigational hazards, like the threat of collisions between naval vessels. However, officials said security measures would always be in place, as in the Panama Canal, Malacca Straits and Suez Canal.Vice-Admiral Contractor said his force was “alive to the threat of the LTTE” and was continuing its vigilance following the resumption of the war in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE. This is also so since the Sea Tigers (the naval wing of the LTTE) operate in the waters around northern Sri Lanka. Vice-Admiral Contractor said there had been only 3,779 immigrants from Sri Lanka to India last year while there had been 16,619 immigrants from there in 2006.However, Coast Guard officials later claimed that the director-general “had not opposed” the Sethusamudram project but had merely pointed out the “security implications and increased responsibilities” of the Coast Guard in such a scenario. The Coast Guard patrols waters up to 12 nautical miles from the Indian coast.The Coast Guard currently has 76 ships and 45 aircraft, including helicopters, in its fleet. Vice-Admiral Contractor said the Coast Guard was keen to acquire six turbo-prop or jet maritime patrol aircraft that can fly at low altitudes. A request-for-proposal (RFP) would be issued soon for this, the director-general said.Reacting to the comments of Vice-Admiral Contractor on the Sethusamudram project, BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad demanded that “security concerns be addressed first” on the issue since there has been an “expert comment from the Coast Guard’s highest authority”. Mr Prasad said, “The BJP is not opposed to the Sethusamudram project per se, but why should the Ram Sethu be destroyed for this?”
Meanwhile, Union tourism and culture minister Ambika Soni said various inputs would be placed before the government regarding the project before any go-ahead is given, but added that it was not for her to comment on the issue. will be risky: Coast Guard AIADMK stir on sea mines in state today  Chennai, Jan. 31: The AIADMK general secretary, Ms Jayalalithaa on Thursday strongly condemned the planting of underwater mines between Neduntheevu and  Katchatheevu by the Sri Lankan Navy Stating that the sea mines would endanger the livelihoods of thousands of fisherfolk, the AIADMK chief announced an agitation by her party cadres in Rameswaram on Friday.  Accusing the Centre and the DMK-led regime in the state of “failure to protect the Indian fishermen from the atrocities of the Sri Lankan Navy,” Ms Jayalalithaa said in a statement, “Both the UPA government at the Centre and the DMK-led minority government in the state are lethargic about the Tamil fishermen’s sufferings at the hands of Sri Lankan Navy.” Condemning the Sri Lankan Navy of often resorting to indiscriminate firing at Tamil fishermen in mid-sea, the AIADMK chief said her party was organising a major agitation under the leadership of fisherfolk wing secretary K.K. Kalaimani and fisherfolk wing joint secretary Ms Jenniffer Chandran. Ms Jayalalithaa added that the interests of fisherfolk who are overburdened with sufferings should be protected.  Meanwhile, in a media release here on Wednesday, AIADMK presidium chairman E. Madhusudhanan hit out at Union shipping and surface transport minister T.R. Baalu for having asked AIADMK supremo “to go back to acting.” In an invective-filled statement like that of Mr Baalu’s, Mr Madhusudhanan said, “to expect sense in a half-baked  person like T.R. Baalu is a mistake.”  Taking strong exception to Mr Baalu’s statement that Ms Jayalalithaa should go back to acting, the AIADMK presidium chairman said, “Mr Baalu should ask chief minister M. Karunanidhi, who seems to have no time for thinking of the welfare of people, but has enough time for script-writing for family-owned TV serials and films, to retire from politics and take up script-writing full-time.”Challenging Mr Baalu also to retire from politics and go back into his old profession of distributing ‘sleazy films’, Mr Madhusudhanan said, “Amma had quoted chief of Naval staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta, who has a good knowledge about the sea, raising sensible questions on the Sethu Samudhiram Canal Project. Unable to answer the valid questions, Mr Baalu reacted violently.”The AIADMK presidium chairman also demanded that the Centre sack Mr Baalu “for having acted in a manner that amounts to threatening the chief of naval staff.” stir on sea mines in state today  Sethu project: SC grants four more weeks to Centre
Friday February 1 2008 00:00 IST
Prabhakar Rao VorugantiNEW DELHI: Supreme Court has on Thursday granted the Centre four more weeks time for filing its affidavit on the Ramar Sethu issue involving the controversial Sethusamudram Shipping Canal project.

A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, Justice R V Raveendran and Justice J M Panchal allowed the plea of Additional Solicitor General R Mohan appearing for the Centre, when he mentioned the matter on Thursday.

The Bench directed the Centre to file two separate affidavits, one on the alignment of the project and the other giving details of the archaeological studies that have been undertaken to ascertain whether Ramar Sethu is an ancient monument.

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy who is one of the petitioners opposed granting of further time and said that the Centre had not complied with the directions of the Madras High Court also with regard to the six alternative alignment routes and on an archaeological survey to decide whether Ramar Sethu is an ancient monument.

The Bench directed the filing of the affidavits by the first week of March and posted the case for hearing also for the same week.

It may be recalled that the previous affidavit filed by the Centre’s had to be hurriedly withdrawn as it expressed doubts about the very existence of Lord Ram. The affidavit resulted in a furore across the country.

As recently as on January 28, the petition filed by the Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had also come up in the apex court. The Bench directed it to be tagged along with other petitions on the same issue.

Jayalalithaa, in her petition said that the structure is of immeasurable historical, archaeological and heritage value and it should be protected from being destroyed in the garb of carrying out an infrastructure project.

“Indeed, the structure in question, by reason of its antiquity and unique features is to be treated as a world heritage site. Further, the destruction/damage of the structure as is envisaged by the project is fraught with serious ecological, environmental, climatic and security concerns, the Jayalalithaa averred.  Friday February 1 2008 00:00 IST (Dinamani)úNÕ NØj§W §hPm: TôÕLôl×dÏ úTWôTjÕ- ì£ LôuhWôdPo×Õ §p#, _]. 31: úNÕNØj§W §hPm Sôh¥u TôÕLôl×dÏ úTWôTjRôL Ø¥Ùm Guß LPúXôWd LôYpTûP RûXûUj R[T§ ì£ LôuhWôdPo GfN¬jRôo. LPúXôWd LôYpTûP HtTÓjRlThPRu 31-YÕ BiÓ §]jûR Jh¥ §p#«p ®VôZd¡ZûU SûPùTt\ ¨Lrf£«p AYo LXkÕùLôiPôo. AlúTôÕ ¨ÚToL°Pm CkR GfN¬dûLûV AYo ®ÓjRôo. LPúXôWd LôYpTûP GuTÕ ùY°SôhûPf úNokRYoLs Ck§Vd LPp TϧdÏs FÓÚYôUp RÓdLÜm, LlTp ùLôsû[dLôWoLû[j RÓjÕ, ûLÕ ùNnVÜm, LP#p BTj§p £dÏm LlTpLû[Ùm Á]YoLû[Ùm ÁhLÜm, Ck§Vô®u LPpNôo Y[eLû[Ùm, Õû\ØLeLû[Ùm TôÕLôdLÜm HtTÓjRlThP AûUlTôÏm. LPtTûP«u ÕûQj RûXûU R[T§Rôu CRu RûXYWôLf ùNVpTÓ¡\ôo. LPtTûP LôYp׬VôR TϧL°p LPúXôWd LôYpTûPRôu LôYp, LiLô¦l×, Áh× B¡V T¦Lû[f ùNnÕ YÚ¡\Õ. CXeûL«p ®ÓRûXl ×#LÞdÏm WôÔYjÕdÏm úUôRp YÛjÕ YÚYRôp ùRu²k§VôÜdÏs VôÚm FÓÚ®®PôUp RÓdL LPúXôWd LôYpTûP«u LôYp, LiLô¦l×l T¦Ls ØÓd¡®PlThÓs[]. CkR ¨ûX«p LPúXôWd LôYp TûP«u RûXûUj R[T§ ì£ LôuhWôdP¬u GfN¬dûL Ød¡VjÕYm ùTß¡\Õ. ì£ LôuhWôdPo á±VRôYÕ: “úNÕ NØj§W §hPm ¨û\úYt± Ø¥dLlThÓ, AkRd LôpYôûVl úTôdÏYWjÕdÏ §\kÕ®hPôp TpúYß ©Wfû]Ls קRôL HtTÓm. AkR Y¯ûVl TVuTÓj§d ùLôiÓ LPp ùLôsû[dLôWoLs G°RôL Ck§Vd LPúXôWl TϧdÏ YÚYôoLs. “ªLl ùT¬V LlTpLs AkRd LôpYôn Y¯VôL YÚYRôL ûYjÕdùLôiPôpáP, ªLÜm ùUÕYôLjRôu AkR CPjûRd LPdL Ø¥Ùm. AlT¥ ùUÕYôL YÚm ùT¬V LlTpLû[ LPp ùLôsû[dLôWoLs UhÓm ApX, Vôo úYiÓUô]ôÛm G°§p Rôd¡ ReLÞûPV úSôdLeLû[ ¨û\úYt±d ùLôs[ Ø¥Ùm. “ùT¬V LlTpLs ϱlTôL, LPtTûP LlTpLs CkRd LôpYôn Y¯VôL YWúYiÓm Gu\ôp, ER®dÏ T¬YôWd LlTpLÞPuRôu YW úYi¥«ÚdÏm. úNÕdLôpYôn ARtÏ Ht\ÕRô]ô Guß TôodL úYiÓm. “CXeûL«p ClúTôÕ WôÔYçVô] úUôRpLs SûPùTß¡u\]. AlT¥lThP TϧdÏ AÚ¡p, LPpY¯ûV AûUlTÕ SUÕ TôÕLôl×dÏ AfÑßjRûX SôúU YWYûZlTRtÏ JlTô]Õ’ Guß ì£ LôuhWôdPo ϱl©hPôo. “úNÕd LôpYôn §hPjRôp LlTp úTôdÏYWjÕ A§L¬jRôp, úNôRû]Lû[ ØÝ A[®p úUtùLôsYÕ L¥]UôL CÚdÏm. “úNÕdLôpYôn §hPm ¨û\úYt\lThPôp SUÕ LPúXôWl TϧdÏ AÚ¡p TVeLWYô§LÞm, LPp ùLôsû[dLôWoLÞm G°RôL FÓÚYdá¥V Yônl× CÚlTûR LPtTûPÙm HtùL]úY Ñh¥dLôh¥«Úd¡\Õ’ Guß A§Lô¬Ls Ñh¥dLôh¥]o.


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