SC directs Centre to file two affidavits: 1. alignments; 2. Studies re: Rama Setu as national monument

SC directs Centre to file two affidavits: 1. alignments; 2. Studies re: Rama Setu as national monument

Sethusamudram project: SC grants four weeks time to Centre
31 Jan 2008, 1054 hrs ISTclip_image001,clip_image002PTI
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday granted an additional four weeks time to the Centre to file its affidavit on the Sethusamudram project.,prtpage-1.cms

‘Sethusamudaram project a threat’

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SC grants Centre four weeks to file affidavit on Ram Setu


Thursday, January 31, 2008  13:09 IST

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday granted four weeks time to the Centre to make its stand clear on the issue of Ram Setu.
The time was granted by a bench comprising Chief Justice K G  Balakrishnan and Justices R V Raveendran and J M Panchal when  Additional Solicitor General R Mohan mentioned the matter before  the court seeking extension of time for filing affidavit on the  issue.
The apex court directed the government to file two separate affidavits, one on the alignment of the project and other giving details of the studies that have been undertaken to ascertain whether Ram Setu is an ancient monument.
The affidavits are to be filed by the first week of March.
Several petitions are pending in the apex court to save the Ram Setu from being demolished to complete the Sethusamudram Project.
The Supreme court had already directed the authorities not to damage the Setu in any manner while carrying out dredging activities.
The Sethusamudram Project is aimed at saving the navigation time for the shift between Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.
The M Karunanidhi government in the southern state has been pleading for the demolition of the Ram Setu, which millions of Hindus across the world believe was built by Lord Rama with the help of his ‘Vanar  Sena’ ( monkey warriors) led by Hanumanji.
The Centre’s affidavit, questioning the very existence of the characters and events described in the Ramayana, had to be withdrawn after huge public outcry.

“Political parties cannot decide on Sethu project” Special Correspondent The matter is before the Supreme Court where Centre has presented technical facts: Singhvi

BJP trying to mislead nation, says Congress“The project is the culmination of a century-old vision”

NEW DELHI: The Congress has said that neither the Bharatiya Janata Party nor any other party could decide whether the Sethusamudram project should be implemented or not.“The matter is before the Supreme Court where the Central government has presented the technical facts about the project and it is for the Court to decide.”Reacting to the BJP’s demand for shelving it, Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said by trying to hold rallies and raising slogans, the BJP was trying to mislead the nation, whereas it was the National Democratic Alliance government that pursued the project between 1999 and 2004.Mr. Singhvi said there was no need to spell out the Congress stand because the government had placed the facts based on technical studies before the apex court. He said the project, as formulated during the NDA government regime, was endorsed in the BJP’s election manifesto for 2004. “The BJP’s attempts to hold rallies and meetings against the project now are so crude, pathetic and ham-handed that it doesn’t fool the party itself. Are they challenging the court?”He said when the NDA formulated the project, the BJP did not even mention the name of Ram Sethu but just passed on the orders mentioning Adam’s Bridge.He said this showed that the BJP remembered Lord Rama “only when the elections come.”He charged the BJP with communalising and politicising the issue.“The project has its origin as early as in 1860 and is the culmination of a century-old vision. It envisages the dredging of a limited portion of the wide channel across the Adam’s Bridge. It will affect a mere 300 metres out of the nearly 30,000 metres and therefore, the project cannot be considered an act that will demolish the entire Adam’s Bridge,” Mr. Singhvi said.


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