Rama Setu: Centre to seek more time in SC

Govt likely to seek more time from SC on Ram Setu

New Delhi, Jan 29 (PTI) The Government is likely to seek more time from the Supreme Court for filing a fresh affidavit on the controversial Sethusamudram project as the Shipping and Culture ministries are yet to sort out their differences on the issue.
Indications of the government’s intention came after a meeting chaired by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on the issue.
“We may seek more time,” a government source told PTI today as the two weeks granted to it for filing the affidavit by the Supreme Court on January 16 is due to lapse tomorrow.
The government had sought more time after it failed to finalise a common affidavit on the sensitive issue due to differences between the Ministries of Culture and Shipping.
The project, which involves a shipping channel via Adams bridge between India and Sri Lanka, has been mired in controversy after Hindu outfits opposed it.
The controversy took a serious turn in September after the Culture Ministry said in an affidavit in the apex court that there was no evidence that Lord Ram existed.
An expert committee, formed on the issue, has opined that the bridge was formed naturally, contrary to the belief that it had been built by Lord Ram’s ‘vanar sena’ during invasion on Lanka to save his wife Sita.
The Ministries of Culture and Shipping have so far been unable to reconcile their differences on whether or not the views of the expert committee should be included in the affidavit.
The Culture Ministry wants to play it safe by noting that there was no scientific evidence to suggest that the bridge was man-made. PTI


Croatian President says: Save Ram Setu

Published on January 29th, 2008

“I….Support the proposal that Ram Setu Should be protected from devastation and put on the UNESCOWorld Heritage List” This is said by Croatian President Stjepan Mesic in his letter to H. H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

The letter clarifies that the bridge is a part of world and human heritage and therefore public awareness should be created about its significance and establish it is on a global level.  

The Text of the letter of Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, released by Ram Setu Raksha Manch is as following:“His Holiness paramhans Swami Swami Maheshwarananda“Your Holiness honored Swamiji,Thank you for the book of the holy epic poem Ramayan which you gave to me during our meeting. “My attention was especially drawan to the chapter about the bridge between
India and Sri Lanka, the bridge which is hidden in the depths of the sea. Although invisible in our eyes (But not to NASA satellites) the bridge is a part of world and human heritage and this is why public awareness needs to be raised about the significance and establish it on a global level. The Republic of Croatia is also fighting to protect the under water heritage because in doing so, we are preserving our roots. The bridge is a witness of Ramayana. The story about good and evil, a universal story, ut also an individual story, about the struggle of a hero, an interesting reading material. It makes me think about myself, about my roles of statesman who could help you with your efforts.“I therefore support the proposal that Ram setu should be protected from devastation and put on the UNESCO world heritage list.“I will use this opportunity to thank you once again for vising Zagreh and for the seminars and devoted efforts to spread peace, tolerance, understanding and conscience about the preservation of planet Earth, “Sincerely,The President of the Republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic”.



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