Rama Setu: Govt. affidavit will be delayed, Karnataka elections are coming

Translation of the Tamil newspaper report:

In Supreme Court… Rama Setu: Govt. affidavit will be delayed, Central Govt. hesitant because of coming Karnataka elections Since assembly elections are due to be held in Karnataka state, Central Government is likely to delay the submission of their affidavits on Rama Setu case pending in Supreme Court. New Delhi,  Jan. 7, 2008- Central Government is likely seek another 3 months’ extension of time to submit their counter affidavits. This is the advice given by Congress leaders to PM Manmohan Singh. In view of the coming Karnataka assembly elections, the advice is not file any affidavits at present. There was widespread boiling of emotions in the nation because of the earlier affidavits filed and later withdrawn by the Central Government. As a consequence, the work in Rama Setu area for the Setusamudram Channel Project has been stayed. Supreme Court had noted that the Central Government will appoint a committee of persons in regard to this issue. Committee’s statement The committee was chaired by Vice Chancellor of Madras University. This committee received suggestions and proposals and forwarded them to the Central Government. On this basis, Central Government has been engaged in drafting affidavits to be submitted when the case comes up for hearing as scheduled by the Supreme Court on Jan. 16, 2008. Last time, Culture Ministry of Central Government had stated that Ramayana, Sri Rama, Rama Setu were all imaginary; this statement led to boiling of emotions (kondalippu). Immediately the affidavit was withdrawn but the issue has taken a gigantic shape all over India. It is also said that the victory of BJP in the recent elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh is also because of this issue. Similarly, in the recent Mahasammelan held for Rama Setu Protection, Central Government has been warned NOT to submit any affidavit which involves the destruction of Rama Setu. Taking all these factors into account, the Central Government affidavit is being directly prepared by the Prime Minister. The opinion of the Congress leaders was communicated to the PM that this affidavit should not be submitted on Jan. 16 in the Supreme Court;. Supreme Court should be asked to give 3 more months’ extension of time. In particular, the issues of objectionable statements had led to the criticism of the Culture Minister Ambika Soni; she herself is reported to have prevailed upon the PM in this regard. Elections are due to be held in Karnataka soon. People are saying that ther is a sympathy wave is in place in favour of BJP because of the denial of opportunity to BJP to form a coalition Government. If BJP uses the Rama Setu as an election issue, there is every chance for further decline in prospects of Congress. To prevent this, the Congress party people have asked for delaying the submission of the affidavit by another 3 months. It is expected that the elections in Karnataka will occur in April. PM has been advised to submit the Central Government affidavit after this date. Some among Tamilnadu MPs are said to have insisted upon completing the Setusamudram Channel project only in the current alignment (that is, destroying Rama Setu) and have insisted upon the Central Government affidavit being submitted accordingly. They also insisted that the affidavit should be submitted when the case comes up for hearing on Jan. 16 in the Supreme Court. But, the Central Government is concerned not only about the Karnataka elections but also the fact that this issue is being discussed intensely in northern India. Support for saving Rama Setu has also increased within Tamilnadu. So, Ambika Soni and other Congress high command leaders have reportedly advised Tamilnadu MPs to go slow on the latters’ demands and not to insist upon the immediate submission of the affidavit but to ask for extension of time for submitting the affidavit. DMK MPs in particular have reportedly been so advised on behalf of Ambika Soni.Maalai Murasu (Evening edition of Daily Thanthi), Madurai Edition, Jan. 8, 2008


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