‘Study on Rama Setu needed to assess tsunami impact’ — Tad Murty at 95th Indian Science Congress

‘Study on Ram Setu needed to asses tsunami impact’
Posted online: Sunday , January 06, 2008 at 2012 hrs

Visakhapatnam, January 6:Noted expert Tad S Murthy of the Ottawa University in Canada said that a thorough study needs to be undertaken on Ram Setu in relation to its impact on a possible tsunami.

He also suggested that appropriate computer modeling of the Ram Setu should be undertaken to find out its impact on tsunami propagation. “Any structure in the ocean would have its effect on tsunami propagation. But the extent of the impact (protection or otherwise) has to be measured through appropriate computer modeling.”

When asked about his opinion on the proposed Setu Samudram Project, piercing the Ram Setu, Murthy said : “I am not against the project.” He said that tsunami energy may strike Kerala coast if the direction of the Setu Samudram channel is on the south-east axis pointing to Sumatra. He, therefore suggested the direction of the proposed channel be reoriented towards north

Murthy was in Visakhapatnam to participate in the 95th Indian Science Congress.

Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge as it is otherwise called is an amazing structure in the Indian Ocean, a continuous 48 km long stretch of underwater causeway which connects Rameshwaram, the southern-eastern tip of the Indian peninsula with Talaimanner, the north-western tip of Sri Lanka.

The UPA government’s proposed Setu Samudram project has landed into controversy with the Opposition namely the Bharatiya Janata Party opposing the destruction of Ram Setu and also environmentalists raising concerns over the possible impact on the surrounding ecology. The issue is subjudiced in the Supreme Court

Murthy lauded India’s effort in mitigating natural calamities like storm surges, cyclones. “India has built cyclone structures on the coasts, unlike in US were people are moved out to other places,” he said and added that India ranked top 5 or 6 in dealing with natural calamities.

Saying that India has set up world-class tsunami warning system, Murthy also said : “It is difficult to predict earthquakes. Only after an earthquake in the ocean we can predict Tsunami,” he said



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