Setu channel: impact of tsunami, on ecology, MEZ — letter to PM

Setu channel: impact of tsunami, on ecology, MEZ — letter to PM

To: Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,

Govt. of India, New Delhi. Fax 01123016857

Respected, Hon’ble Prime Minster,

Sub: Setu channel: 1. impact of tsunami;2. impact on ecology; 3. Marine Economic Zone (MEZ)

I am attaching the following:

1. Dr. Tad S Murty’s remarks at the 95th Indian Science Congress made on Jan. 6, 2008

2. Analysis of impact on ecology of the marine bioreserve of Gulf of Mannar

On these two grounds and on the ground reality of loss of livelihood of fisherfolk in the coastal region, Setu channel project should be abandoned.

A project to improve the livelihood of fisherfolk will be a Marine Economic Zone which has the potential to produce Rs. 10,000 crores per annum in foreign exchange alone, against the estimated, questionable return of Rs. 200 crores income from the Setu channel.

Scrapping the project will also mean respecting the sentiments of crores of people worldwide who deem Rama Setu as world heritage and Rameshwaram as tirthasthana, divyakshetram.

The nation will remember your contributions if such a decision is taken for the sustainable development of the long coastline of 8118 kms. in India which can be divided into a number of MEZs for targeted development efforts to increase the production of marine products and improve the lives of marine people.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Former Sr. Exec., Asian Development Bank,Chennai 600015

7 Jan. 2008

Study impact of tsunami on Setu channel Setusamudram channel, an ecological disaster


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