Rama Setu by the National Poet Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt

Another National Poet, Subrahmanya Bharati was also inspired by Rama Setu; he sang:

singala teevinukkor paalam amaippom

setu vai medurutti veedi samaippom

(Let us build a bridge to Simhala, Let us elevate Setu and create a highway).



Rama Setu by the National Poet Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt

By Sarvesh Tiwari

Mahakavi Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt is rightly known as the Rashtra Kavi (national poet). His remarkable poetry reflects the deepest national ethos of Bharat and his simple yet impactful words never fail to awaken the patriotic energy of its readers.

‘Bharat-Bharati’ is one of his most towering marvels, which always inspired the freedom fighters and nationalists. It contains the poet’s reflections on the past and the future of Bharat and Bharati – India and Indic.

In this large volume, at one place, he says:

भूगर्भ से जब तब निकलती वस्तुयें ऐसी यहाँ –

जो पूछ उठती हैं कि ऐसी थी हुई उन्नति कहाँ?

वह सिन्धु सेतु बचा अभी तक, दक्षिणी मन्दिर बचे,

कब और किसने, विश्व मे, यों शिल्प-चित्र कहाँ रचे?

{Every now and then such objects keep being unearthed by excavations,

which provoke us and ask, ‘where else was such evolution achieved do you know?’

That Sindhu Setu is still intact so far, and so are our wondrous temples in the South

Where else have such architectural marvels been created, by whom and when, they cry!}

Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt also wrote ‘Saket’. It is a unique narrative of Ramayana by Urmila, Lakshmana’s wife who stayed back in Ayodhya, separated from her husband during his forteen-years exile with Rama. In Saket, Urmila is made to describe the turn of events during those years with focus on happenings in Ayodhya. Saket is still considered a classic today.

In Saket, Sri Gupt has described Setu Bandhan as follows:

तब लंका पर हुई चढाई, सजी रिक्ष-वानर सेना,

मिल मानो दो सलिल-राशियाँ उमडी फैलाकर फेना!!

भंगभित्तियाँ उठा उठा कर सिन्धु रोकने चला प्रवाह

बान्धा गया किंतु उलटा वह, सेतु रूप ही है उत्साह!!

नीलनभोमण्डल-सा जलनिधि, पुल था छायापथ-सा ठीक,

खींच दी गई एक अमिट-सी, पानी पर भी प्रभु की लीक!!

{Then began marching to Lanka the decorated armies of riksha-s and vaanara-s,

Together, both appeared as if two separate seas simultaneously on tide!

Ocean came forward to halt them by raising huge wall-like waves,

However, ocean was itself bound. Setu – but an icon of courage!

Setu – shining just like a starry-way, on the blue-sky-like ocean,

An un-erasable signature of the Lord etched even on the water}


Following is in a different context, but I find myself compelled to add it here:

He says in Bharat Bharati:

वह साम्प्रतिक शिक्षा हमारे सर्वथा प्रतिकूल है

हममे हमारे देश के प्रति द्वेश-मति की मूल है

होती नहीं उससे हमे निजतत्व मे अनुरक्ति है

होने न देती पूर्वजों पर वह हमारी भक्ति है

उसमे विदेशी मान का ही मोह-पूर्ण महत्व है

फल अंत मे उसका? वही दासत्व है! दासत्व है!!

{Contemporary education is entirely against us

Is root of why we are contemptuous against our own nation

With it we don’t develop a liking for our own attributes

It does not allow us to be proudly devoted to our ancestors

Instead it inculcates only a blind reverence for everything alien

But what would be the end result? Slavery! Only Slavery!}



One Response to “Rama Setu by the National Poet Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt”

  1. Vijayalakshmi Says:

    It is great to know that our two most patriotic poets have euologized the Rama Setu. Yet our self-serving politicians are proving to be such traitors!

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