Rama Setu: BJP to counter DMK’s campaign

DMK and BJP ready for Sethu battle
Chennai, Dec. 18: The Ram Sethu controversy, that seemed to have died down, has reared its head again in the state, thanks to the DMK which has resolved to launch an intense campaign in support of the project. With DMK president and chief minister M.Karunanidhi having called for his youth cadres to go “village-after-village” to propagate the benefits of the project for the state and the nation, the state unit of Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) is also ready to counter the ruling party’s decision with its own campaign machinery.

“We will respond to DMK’s challenge in the same manner. When they (the DMK) say they are ready to make sacrifices, we too are ready to make sacrifices to protect Ram Sethu. Our contention is that Ram Sethu should not be demolished but the Sethu Samudram project should be implemented. The BJP will campaign on the scientific advantages of Ram Sethu and to what extent it serves as a protection for the people living in the coastal areas,” state BJP president L.Ganesan told reporters on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Mr.Karunanidhi told the mega youth conference that the issue had been blown out of proportion and cases had been filed against him in the north and the south and hoped that the court would deliver a verdict in favour of the project. He charged that the BJP which had sanctioned the Sethu project during its rule at the Centre was trying to scuttle it after 75 per cent of the work had been completed.

The DMK conference adopted a resolution condemning BJP, Hindu Munnani, AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa, Janata Party president Subramamian Swamy and the other “anti-Tamil and religious forces for obstructing the implementation of the Sethu project that would help step up the nation’s security, bolster economic development in Tamil Nadu and provide employment opportunities for thousands of youth.”

“Some religious forces are seriously trying to block the project with a political motive by citing imaginary reasons that are contrary to science and unrelated to history,” the resolution said.
Going by Mr.Karunanidhi’s diktat that his party youth counter the propaganda with scientific facts immediately, Mr.Stalin, holding charge of youth wing, had said that the misinformation campaign in the name of Lord Ram would be defeated and the party would chalk out a plan of action, and train volunteers to speak on the issue in all the panchayats across the state.

In response the BJP leader said, “Our campaign to protect Ram Sethu has assumed so much significance that the DMK has passed a resolution against it.” The BJP had at its state central committee decided to conduct a `village-to-village’ campaign on the history of Lord Ram and the Rama Sethu. Meanwhile, the Ramar Sethu Protection Movement will hold a “Save Ram Sethu” rally in New Delhi on December 30.


Sethu project: TN BJP to launch counter campaign
18 Dec 2007, 2245 hrs ISTclip_image001,clip_image002PTI

CHENNAI: Countering the DMK’s decision to mobilise the youth for campaigning for the implementation of the Sethusamudram project, the BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit on Tuesday said it would launch a village-level campaign to refute the ruling party’s claims.

Rejecting the DMK’s contention that the opposition to the project was unscientific,BJP state unit president L Ganesan told reporters here that his party would counter it by explaining that 31 per cent of the world’s thorium reserves were located around Ram Setu.
“What will happen to the rich deposits of thorium, if ‘Ram Sethu’ is destroyed,” he asked.

Te DMK, at its recently-concluded youth wing conference in Tirunelveli, adopted a resolution, urging the Centre to hasten the completion of the project and asked its cadre to conduct a village-level campaign to build public opinion in favour of the project aimed at deepening the sea around the Palk Straits.

Rama Setu: BJP to counter DMK’s campaign

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI, Dec. 18, 2007: The Bharatiya Janata Party will counter the proposed campaign of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam on the Sethusamudram project, L. Ganesan, president of the State unit, said here on Tuesday.

Reacting to Local Administration Minister M.K. Stalin’s announcement on the propaganda strategy for mobilising public opinion in support of the project, Mr. Ganesan told reporters at the party headquarters that the BJP would accept the challenge by launching village-wise campaigns. Expressing the hope that the DMK’s campaign would be conducted in a democratic way, Mr. Ganesan said the BJP would highlight the adverse consequences of demolition of Ramar Sethu and how the project could be implemented without disturbing the Sethu.



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  1. DR.S.SHARMA Says:

    Karunanidhi is a monster and is an enemy of Indianness.We must kick him out of power to bring harmony in the region.

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