Rama Setu: history and politics

Rama Setu: history and politics

December 16, 2007

Two-day seminar on Sri Ram Sethu: History and Politics

Attack on Ram Sethu is attack on Indian ethos: Dr M.M. Joshi
By Pramod Kumar

SCIENTISTS, intellectuals and scholars assembled at a two-day seminar in New Delhi from December 1-2, demanded a public apology from the UPA government for disparaging the faith of people by filing a derogatory affidavit in the Supreme Court. They described the silence of the government on this issue as extreme height of shamelessness. The scientists participating in the seminar unanimously declared that the Sethusamudaram project is dangerous and disastrous for the nation from all angles. “From all angles whether it is history, environment, defence or economic reason the project is completely unviable and will endanger the nation. We unanimously appeal to the government to scrap the project forthwith and respecting the sentiments of people declare Ram Sethu a cultural heritage site,” they said in a resolution unanimously adopted at the end of the seminar on December 2. The seminar was organised by Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan at Constitution Club.

Concluding the seminar, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, former Union HRD Minister, said destruction of Ram Sethu is not just the destruction of a monument, but an attack on Indian ethos, culture and traditions. “It must be protected at any cost,” he said adding that we are not anti-America but pro-India. He appealed to the countrymen to contribute as per their might to save the Sethu. It is the task of saving the humanity and an engineering marval. He also stressed the need to deeply understand the conspiracy of the government. He said a fraud has been perpetrated on us so that we forget our Indian greatness. He pointed out that there are more than 1000 cities in the world, which have been named after Sri Ram. “Traditions are regarded as correct as any book in our country. If traditions were not based on truth they would not have been followed by crores of people since centuries. These traditions are evidence in support of the Ram Sethu. The landmark of Aasethu Himalaya is also going to be finished. The Himalaya has been invaded by China and the Sethu is being destructed by our own government,” he said.

VHP president Ashok Singhal declared that as long as the government does not declare Ram Sethu a national heritage site, the agitation would continue. He said a number of vested interests are involved in the project. If the government properly utilises the huge store of thorium, every village of the country could be provided with electricity, which is now just a dream. He said the strong reaction from countrymen forced the government to withdraw the derogatory affidavit from the court.

Shri V. Sundaram, IAS (retd.) and first chairman of Tuticorin Port Trust, which is implementing the Sethusamudram project, provided details of the committees constituted to study the project. “This is a deliberate assault on Hindu culture and places of identity. Despite the fact that there are evidences proving the existence of Ram Sethu, the Culture Minister Ambika Soni, Shipping Minister T.R. Balu and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidi claim that there is no credible, valid, tenable or acceptable archaeological as well as scientific evidence to prove the existence of Ram Sethu. “They are guilty of uttering unabashed falsehood,” he said further adding that despite strong opposition from the Defence and Environment Ministries the project was cleared. He described it as a national fraud, which will invite only disastrous consequences.

Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy said the government selected this disastrous proposal under a well-planed conspiracy and he would expose it in the court soon. Prof. Ramchandran under whom the government has constituted a committee to study the project was publicly seen garlanding and touching the feet of Karunanidhi. What he would say in his report could be understood from it, he said. He further said the government’s claim of reduction in time and fuel after the construction of the project is misleading as only the lighter ships with less than 30,000 tonne weight will be able to pass through the canal and the number of such small ships is only five per cent. “Yes, it would certainly benefit the ships of LTTE and others owned by TRV Salvem, son of Shipping Minister T.R. Balu,” he said adding that the shipping association has also opposed the project in present form. He said the project would further cost the government Rs 15,000 crore annually for regular maintenance. It would prove to be a white elephant as well as economic disaster. He proposed that instead of wasting time on Sethusamudram project the government should find the ways for laying railway lines and constructing highways as alternatives.

Captain H. Balakrishnan, who has deeply studied the project, explained the economic unviability of the project and said none of the six proposals are going to work. “This is time to burry the whole project,” he added. Shri P.C. Dogra, a renowned security expert and former Director General of Punjab Police, highlighted the threat to the security after the completion of the project. Shri R.K. Ohri said Sri Ram won all His enemies through His valour and He never begged. Shri M.D. Nalapat explained the American conspiracy behind the project and said the US has its eye on the huge store of thorium for years.

Dr S. Kalyana Raman, chairman of Rameshwarm Ram Sethu Raksha Manch, said the project would lead to destruction of fish and marine life in the Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar resulting in loss of livelihood of thousands of fishermen and their families along the southern coastline of Tamil Nadu. It also does not include tsunami protection measures. Shri Kuppuramu, advocate in Ramnathpuram and president of Fishermen Association, said the project would snatch away the livelihood of lakhs of fishermen and therefore must not be implemented in the present form. Shri Rajendra Pankaj, social activist, also spoke on the occasion.



2 Responses to “Rama Setu: history and politics”

  1. jay prakash singh Says:

    sir i get high inspiration from your total dedication to save ram setu . i think your work is historic in this transitional period for struggle of indianess

  2. suryanarayanan Says:

    Hope under the guidance of peole like you, we will find a solution soon.
    thks to the hard enacious work put in by this group.
    suryanarayanan, paris, france

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