Rama Setu: knowledge of Gujarat electorate and ignorance of ASI

Rama Setu: knowledge of Gujarat electorate vis-à-vis the ignorance of ASI

Report by Apurva, Indian Express, Dec. 6, 2007

Modi hit out at Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party over the Ram Sethu issue in his 20-minute speech at the venue opposite the main bus stand at Halol. He asked the crowds about the Congress’s knowledge about Lord Ram, as after the Ram Sethu issue, the party had moved the court to verify His existence.

Next followed a rapid-fire question round delivered to the audience in a nonchalant, but rhetorical manner. “Does Ram exist? Does Sita exist? Were they married? Did Ram go to vanvas with Sita Mata? Did Ravana kidnap Sita Mata? Did Ram send Hanumanji to find out Sita Mata in Lanka? Did Ram build a bridge to cross over to Lanka? Did Ram annihilate Ravana and bring Sita mata back to Ayodhya?”

With the audience replying in the affirmative to his every question, Modi addressed the gathering, “You see, you people here know every thing, but the Congress does not.”


Dec. 5, 2007 Times of India

GODHRA: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday charged the Congress with defaming Hindus of the state by calling them terrorists (antakwadis), a day after he justified the encounter of Sohrabbudin.
“The Congress was defaming Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel by calling Hindus of Gujarat terrorists (antakwadis),” he said in an election meeting at Godhra, the sensitive town where the attack on Sabarmati Express train on February 27, 2002 leading to the worst-ever communal riots in the history of the state.
Modi was referring to Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s statement here on Sunday in which the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister had said that there was Hindu extremism in Gujarat.
To make the crowd responsive to his plank, Modi asked them whether they were ‘Hindus’ to which the chorus was ‘yes’. When he asked, if it was ‘antakwadi’ as the Congress says, they shouted ‘no’.
He also touched the ‘Ram Setu’ issue. Modi asked the crowd whether it believed that Lord Ram was born, the answer was ‘yes’. He asked again if it believed that ‘Ram Setu’ was built, the reply was ‘yes’.
But Congress-led UPA government in an affidavit in the Supreme Court had said that neither Lord Ram was born nor the ‘Ram Setu’ was built, he said, asking it to be proud of the fact that they were Hindus.
The affidavit was later withdrawn.

Godhra, Dec. 6, 2007 (Indian Express):

Mixing humour and vitriol, his delivery and timing perfect, he had the crowd eating out of his hand as he slammed Congress for suggesting there was no proof of Lord Ram’s existence during a court battle earlier this year.

“I ask you, was Lord Ram born? Was Sita Ram’s wife? Was Sita kidnapped by Ravana? Did Hanuman rescue Sita?” he asked in his deep, gravelly voice, pausing after each question for affirmation from the crowd.

“You know it all, but the Congress doesn’t. Go and tell them,” he said, to a sea of laughter. “If they can lie about Lord Ram, then they can lie about me.”



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