Rama Setu: Ambika, Muka lies versus TNGovt., ISRO, GOI evidences

Rama Setu: Ambika, Muka lies versus TNGovt., ISRO, GOI evidences

Governments seem to be talking at cross purposes. Evidences produced in documents state that Rama Setu is a reality, that it is man-made, that Rama Setu is sacred, a divyakshetram. People in Governments like Muka, TRBaalu, Ambika seem to contradict the evidences through their repeated statements. Ambika did this in Rajya Sabha. Muka, TRBaalu seem to have made it their life mission to destroy Rama Setu and put through the project disaster called Setu channel, unmindful of penal provisions of Sec. 304 IPC.

The Setu channel should be abandoned. Instead, Marine Economic Zones should be set-up all along the long, 8000 kms. coastline of Bharatam for abhyudayam of marine peoples living along the coastline.

Here is a succinct statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy:

1. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.Karunanidhi and his lieutenant & Union Shipping Minister Mr.T.R.Baalu have been telling lies to the public about the existence of the Rama Setu, and on the economic and environmental viability of the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP).

2. While Mr.Karunanidhi in his speeches debunks the Setu and Rama, the DMK State and the UPA Union Governments have been advertising and affirming the existence of the Setu and the historicity of Rama.

3. For example, the Tourist Department of the TN Government has been advertizing in Railway trains, urging the people to visit Rameshwaram and see where Rama set his “lotus feet”, to build a bridge (Setu) to Sri Lanka with the help of the Vanar Sena (see enclosed photos), to rescue his wife Sita.

4. The National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), of the Union Ministry of Space has published a book of satellite photographs [ISBN: 817525 6524] claiming that “archeological studies show” that the Setu may be “man made” (see enclosed photo). This book has been distributed to all MPs free by the Ministry of Space. Yet Ms.Ambika Soni as Minister of Culture to a question in Rajya Sabha (August 14, 2007) falsely stated that “no archeological studies has been made in respect of the Rama Setu”. This is a breach of privilege of the House, for which she should be punished.

5. The Ministry of Environment & Forests had in a letter dated April 8, 1999 to the Ministry of Surface Transport, conveyed it’s opinion that the SSCP should be scrapped as it is an environmental disaster (see enclosed letter). This opinion was based on an analysis of the NEERI Report of 1998. Yet in 2005 the Ministry reversed it’s opinion based on the same 1998 data. Why? No explanation has been given so far for this somersault.

6. The Ministry also suppressed a report prepared by Dr.S.Badrinarayanan, former Director of Geological Survey of India (GSI) in which based on a 2002 investigation under the sea near and at the Setu. The Report concluded that Rama Setu had been constructed, at least 9000 years ago, and is not a natural formation as claimed by Mr.Karunanidhi. However without consulting the GSI, the Ministry of Culture hastily filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court that “there is no information or studies in the knowledge of the Government that Rama Setu is man made”. Former ASI DG S.R.Rao has ridiculed this stand government (see enclosed letter).

7. The SSCP is an economic loss, an environmental disaster, a national security risk, and monumental corruption. It will enable T.R.B.Selvam & Co (T.R.Balu’s son’s company) to earn money and help LTTE to move it’s terrorist and narcotic base to Kerala Coast. Therefore this anti-national project should be scrapped if no other alternative route without breaking Rama Setu is acceptable to Mr.Karunanidhi. Sri Rama’s bhaktas will have their way, and atheist Karunanidhi will lose in this contest and be pushed out of office [see enclosed letter].

Source: Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of Janata Party, made in Chennai on Dec. 6, 2007


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