Rames’waram is divyakshetram, a wonderful gift to promote eco-, heritage-tourism

Tourism potential of Rameswaram untapped

Staff Reporter (The Hindu, 3 Dec. 2007)

“An apt location to be promoted as a beach tourism spot”

It has both calm and rough beachfronts

Sops can be provided to woo hoteliers

RAMANATHAPURAM: Rameswaram, one of the famous coastal towns, may have found itself in the circuit of temple tourism of the country, thanks to the holiness attached to it. But, in spite of its immense potential to project itself as a major beach and ecotourism spot, it has not been exposed much to the world.

The district has a 270-km long coastline, which is almost one third of the Tamil Nadu’s coastline.

The peculiarity of the Ramnad coastline is that it has both the stretches of calm and rough beachfronts along the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar.

It can satisfy those who want to enjoy gentle or rough waves. Some stretches from Devipattinam to Mandapam boast not only pure white sand beaches, but also extremely gentle waves.

Similarly, one side of the stretch from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi is classified as a rough wave zone.

The stretch from Mandapam to Valinokkam along Gulf of Mannar also has good beaches. But not much importance has been given to expose it.

Wonderful gift

“Probably local people may not know the importance of such a wonderful gift of nature in the district. The Government, being a major stakeholder of promoting tourism, should have taken the initiative to highlight the rich value of tourism potential to the national as well as international hoteliers, tourism promoters, travel agents, package tour operators and others so as to attract them to establish infrastructure and value additions to the existing nature’s gift,” says R. Pandi, a tourism expert.

Experts viewed that if the Government had come forward to extend sops for those wanted to establish tourism infrastructure, at least some stretches in the district could be converted as important places of beach tourism in the State.

Some leading hoteliers had already purchased private lands.

They could be invited for discussion to start their projects as early as possible.

A panel could also be formed to motivate those showing interest to establish their property.

They were of the view that foreigners, who often choose the circuit of the Chennai-Mamallapuram-Madurai-Thanjavur-Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu would certainly love to visit Rameswaram, if proper attention was paid to fulfil the expectation of visitors on beach tourism.

Pandi, who has done a doctorate in promotion of tourism in Tamil Nadu, added that the dazzling underwater coral gardens in the Gulf of Mannar could be used as an attractive factor to woo hoteliers to establish the infrastructure for beach tourism.



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