Rama Setu: Tamilnadu Govt. Tourism poster

Rama Setu:Tamilnadu Govt. Tourism poster

The floating stone ‘Sethu Bandanam’ used to build the sethu Bridge is worth seeing here, says the Tamil Nadu Government Tourism Department pamphlet.

Advertisement posters have been posted by Tamilnadu Govt. Tourism Department on many trains all over the country. Samples are from Janasatabdi Express between Dehradun and Delhi on C-4 coach. Similar poster also can be seen on Godavari Express.

It is reliably learnt that Hon’ble Mu. Karunanidhi, CM of Tamilnadu has ordered an inquiry into these posters. We wonder why. Afterall tourism is sought to be promoted as a developmental initiative, as part of heritage-pilgrimage tourism, tirtha yatra Bharatiya tradition.

Hon’ble Karunanidhi has claimed, elsewhere, that there is NO Ram and no Rama Setu. His own government seems to disagree with his views. In fact, he has expressed his views about the reality of Rama Setu in a foreword he wrote in 1972 when he was CM on Ramanathapuram Gazetteer. What goes around, comes around; time, in Bharatiya tradition, is cyclical.


What the poster says is worth reading, hence the following enlargements:




Surely, Rama Setu is where the past comes alive. A report on Tamilnadu Government’s Rama Bhakti (in Tamil), artists’ and satellite image analyst presentations follow.





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