Rama Setu: nationwide stir

VHP to organise nationwide stir

Chennai (New Indian Express, 18 Nov. 2007)

clip_image001A massive agitation reminiscent of Ram Mandir campaign will be launched across the country from November 20 to protect Ramar Sethu, said Praveen Togadia, International General Secretary, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

clip_image002“The agitation, to be spread over a month, will be peaceful, but an aggressive democratic campaign covering more than 4 lakh villages is on the cards. A Shila Yatra carrying the floating stone, which is used to build Ramar Sethu, will be organised and prayers will be offered to it at 1,500 places across the country. It also cover places associated with Ram.” Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a conference of Madathipathis, Dharmacharyas and religious scholars of south India under the auspices of Rameswaram Ramsethu Protection Movement, in the city, on Saturday, Togadia said that every village would be turned into an Ayodhya, where people would spearhead a campaign, if the Union Government failed to publicly declare that they would not destroy Ramar Sethu.” People would be encouraged to enrol in a `dharmayudha’ during the one-month yatra, which would start on November 20 and the target was one mil lion people, he said.

Stating that Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project was “a move by the aetheist to destroy the faith of one million Hindus,” Praveen Togadia brushed aside the argument that the project would bring economic prosperity to Tamil Nadu. In fact, “it will affect the livelihood of 20 lakh fishermen”.

There was no political affiliation to the move, Togadia said and added,“The cam- paign is to prevent Ramar Sethu from being destroyed. We would have launched the campaign even if the BJP-led NDA was ruling at the Centre.” The conference adopted a resolution to convene a huge conclave at Boat Club in New Delhi on December 30 and also to launch a `Delhi Chalo’ campaign to bring more than 15 lakh people to the national capital to strengthen the campaign.

“Ramar Sethu is an evidence that Ram existed. Hindus and the Sants are not against economic developments, but the government is not supporting their pro-development arguments with data”, said Hansidas Maharaj, Mahabaleshwar Mutt, Haridwar.



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