Rama Setu: peoples’ faith important, SriSri Ravishankar

People’s faith on Ram Setu is important: Sri Sri Ravishankar

November 15, 2007
Mumbai: ‘Sree Rama is worshipped not only in India but also in other countries. The Government should, therefore, take into account faith of the people before demolishing ‘Ram-setu’. A decision needs to be taken considering the economical and ecological perspective; however, the Government is trying to implement the project for its political gains and we oppose such move.’ The above views were expressed by Sri Sri Ravishankar, the founder of the organization ‘Art of Living’.
Shri. D.K. Hari of ‘Bharat Gyan’, an organization associated with ‘Art of Living’ has found out many historical evidences related to Sree Rama and all of them would be made available on a new website www.historicalrama.org. The website was inaugurated by Sri Sri Ravishankar. Sri Sri Ravishankar said, “People believe in existence of Jesus Christ and Gautam Buddha as they were from historical period. So also Sree Rama belonged to historical era and the evidence of sequence of events from His life and sites where they took place still exist. This has been researched by Shri. Hari. One needs to study the same with interest. Hindu culture is vast. If you have curiosity, you can acquire knowledge. But do not have bias against it.” He said further that faith is related to heart and science to history. Therefore, history needs to be studied from both the angles. A member of audience asked him whether he believed in Sree Rama as God. Sri Sri Ravishankar replied that in Hindu culture, God is all pervading. Mother, guest and cow are also considered as Gods then what is the problem with considering Sree Rama as God? He said that politics and selfishness should be kept away from ‘Ram-setu’. The Government should re-consider its ‘Setu-samudram’ project. Shri. Shivaji Vatkar, Mumbai District Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti made a prayer to Sri Sri Ravishankar that let the existence of Sree Rama and ‘Ram-setu’ be accepted by the Government.
Shri. Hari said on the occasion that during1808 to 1813, James Mill and Charles Grant wrote history of India which was meant for British chartered officials. The main objective of writing history was its distortion and it was written without both of them visiting any place in India. Unfortunately, we have continued with the same history.
Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat



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